Saturday, June 30, 2012

Board Game Storage

 We like to play games. We have cabinets in our family room that used to house them but it was always a bit of a challenge getting the game out you wanted to play without having to pretty much take everything out and put them back in.  I found a similar idea on Pinterest to frame them. Hmmmmm......
 The idea I found used frames without glass. That would work too. I happened to find these NYTTJA frames at Ikea (Have you figured out that I love that store?) that had  plexiglass in the center. I thought they would be perfect. There are several different sizes and many of them fit. Some I bought a bigger size and used wrapping paper as the mat. Others were so close and I actually trimmed the edges of the board games a tiny bit using a pair of tin snips my husband had in the garage. 
 On the back of the frame I used packaging tape to tape a clear sleeve to hold the directions to the game. I had originally tried velcroing a bag to hold all of the pieces. I found that it pushed the frame off the wall too much and a couple of the bags actually fell off.
 So I opted for disposable plastic food containers which will fit nicely in our new kitchen bench. I just googled images of each game, printed in out and stuck it on the top of the container as a label.
 What I liked about this idea was that yes it is very functional (we just take the frame off the wall and play directly on it). But it also serves as the perfect artwork for our basement stairs that lead to the playroom.

Candy Land anyone?
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  1. You are brilliant! I love this idea and I think I'll have to copy it for a couple of our games in our new basement. :) Thanks

    1. Not sure brilliant is the word I guess I'll take it. :) It really is a great way to store them so that you aren't taking up precious cabinet or closet room--and it looks like art on the wall. Win win!

  2. I'm in LOVE with this idea. This is simply genius! Thanks!

    1. Thank you. :) Although I kind of adapted the idea from somewhere else I'm sure. It really is a fun way to display those cute game boards and getting them out of the cabinets. :)



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