Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Basement Playroom--Learn with Play

Here is yet another area of our basement playroom--their "cafe" as we call it. There are still more projects to do here before it is finished but it definitely serves its purpose.

The little table and chairs I found at Goodwill for $5. they were pretty beat up.

 But with a little colorful spray paint and chalkboard paint on top...
It is now a cute little piece that can be used in several different ways.

We've all seen these toy organizers. I really wish I would have gotten one with girly colored bins but I got it off of Craigslist for less than half the price so I decided to go with it. My husband and I removed the top rung and he cut a piece of white melamine wood (that we had left over from a closet project) to fit right on top. Makes for the perfect market if you ask me.

I made labels for the backs of each bin so the kids knew what was in each. It is so fun to see one of them push their grocery cart over while the other scans their items. They have a lot of fun with this.

Download labels here and here.

I mentioned some other projects. Here's a sneak peak. These will have to be for another day.

Next stop is our "Post Office" I actually got the banner and signs from Pre-k Pages. The map fabric I think I got at Walmart at least 10 years ago. We added some stacking trays, baskets, and a mailbox we had made.

The furniture piece is a Trofast frame filled with various sized bins. I am big on using labels with both the word and picture for kids. Makes it so easy for them to find what they need.
The two bins on the left I haven't quite figured out yet. Everything else is full of all their post office-y supplies. :) Again, so fun to watch them create and deliver the mail and their "XPS" packages (as my daughter was saying the other day.)

Here is another mailbox we made and put it right outside the door of Daddy's office so they can deliver sweet messages to him too. Can you guess what it was originally?

 A bike helmet box of course. I saw this and thought this would be a the perfect shape.
All I did was tip it over and trace the top onto a piece of thin cardboard that I had on hand. (I keep inserts from packages and stuff like that for these kinds of projects. Might be the teacher in me.)

Then I glued on some scrapbook paper to the cardboard and spray painted the rest. I added a little flag out of red foam with a brad fastener so that it could move up and down. The numbers are made out of vinyl but you could easily use marker. I used our actual address # so that the kids have it memorized.

So there you have it. Another area of our playroom. Two more posts and you'll have seen the entire thing. Stay tuned. Got a few more fun ideas that you won't want to miss. :)

Today's Daily Tip: Labels not only make things look pretty and organized but they are so so functional as well. Labels let everyone know where things are for easy access and keep weird random things from appearing where they shouldn't--especially where kids are concerned. I can't count the number of times I have heard, "Oh well my kids just won't put things away". Give them a little credit. If they actually know where things go, you may be surprised. With some guidance they will start putting things back in the right places. Organization is a learned skill. Yes some are better at it than others but it does have to be taught. So we can't expect our kids to put things away and be these little neat creatures without modeling it ourselves. It takes some time up front but in my opinion, well worth it.

**To see more of the basement/playroom and a playhouse under the stairs go here.

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  1. You're a genius! I'm a bit jealous that your basement looks like a preschool!

    1. You're so funny Mandy! Gotta keep these kiddos entertained somehow! I don't have room for chickens like you do. That I'm jealous of. :)



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