Thursday, July 5, 2012

Client Space-Organized Craft Room

A friend of mine asked me to organize her craft room. The room wasn't really big enough for my camera to get great shots but hopefully you'll get the idea.
 The shell of the room was great for a craft room. She had shelves and counters installed previously but just never quite got around to putting them to use. That's where I got to step in.
 The boxes that you see are mainly full of old pictures, albums, frames, and scrap-booking supplies.
 The first step: to go through EVERYTHING. FIgure out what you don't use (or need) and purge. This is often the hardest part. Sometimes it is a lot easier to have someone help kind of rationalize what you really do use vs what you might use "someday" (haven't we all said that at least once?). We got rid of about 6 LARGE boxes full of things she didn't even remember she had. 

Next step: to sort into categories. In this case, we not only had categories, but we then broke them even further into sub-categories. For example: she had TONS of photos. So because there were so many, we needed to break it down into each family member. I assigned each member a color and used it throughout. Her color was pink so old photos of friends and her family growing up went into pink photo boxes. I did the same with her husband (except his color was black). The boys were blue and green. They each had tons of professional picture packages that I put into file boxes divided by age for easy access. Another "sub-category" was digital photos. For that I put together a binder full of sheets to hold and label all of her photos she had on disk as well as a place for memory cards that had photos stored on as well.
 Once we had things cleared out and sorted we thought about what the room would be used for. This is different for everyone. She wanted easy access to her photos and albums/scrapbooks, a place to put all of her scrap booking supplies, and a place to work on them. She also wanted to make it appealing so that she' d actually want to hang out in there. I think we accomplished that. :)
 Pegboards are great for getting things up off of the counter and provide ample storage that you can see. (Makes it easier to get to and therefore use.) The rod on each side holding what looks like cups are from my favorite, Ikea. They are great for holding pens, scissors, etc. Again to get it off the work space.

 Placing momentos from travels into frames helps to give the space a more personal feel and gets the "stuff" out of boxes.
Shadow boxes are great for displaying. Get as creative as you want.
 As you can see, the middle shelves were filled with drawers to house scrapbook paper, stencils, idea and inspiration books, and extra albums.
Labels are so important. Not only can you find where everything is, but it also helps to keep new random things from creeping in. Everything has a place.
 An Ikea Expedit holds boxes of family photos and vacation memories.

 The left bookcase holds the colored photo boxes and bins for each family member. (To read more about how I organized her loose photos and photo packages go here.) I chose bins for the kids that were large enough to hold 12x12 scrapbook paper and albums so that they could just be pulled out onto the counter when needed and put right back when finished. My client also had all sorts of fun paintings she had done and wanted to display. Loved that. 

 This little organizer as well as the little bins I found at Target. Perfect for storing scrapbook supplies.

So, as much as my camera could capture, I hope you are able to see what a little organization (and a smidge of creativity) can do for a space.

What can at first seem overwhelming,
when taken in small, manageable steps (this didn't happen over-night)

Can become a space you truly use and enjoy. 

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  1. Great Project Susan! I have an idea for you! :)

    1. I'm excited to hear about it! :)



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