Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls' Bathroom Redo

Across the hall from the girls' bedrooms is their bathroom. When we moved in a little over a year ago, the previous owner left a lot of the bathroom decor including shelves, hooks, and a patriotic shower curtain (I already took it down in this photo).
 The red, white, and blue was kind of cute but it was pretty dated.

 And totally not girly enough for my little princesses. :)
 So we started with a clear slate and painting it Dried Parsley by Benjamin Moore. This is the same color that was used on a wall of the girls' playroom stage.
 It is also on the walls of the laundry room (reveal coming soon). It is just an easy color to use and can be used with lots of color combinations. (Sorry for the very smudgy mirror. Guess it wasn't Wednesday--[my clean the bathrooms day] yet.)

 Here is the bathroom as of right now and all girlied up. We will eventually tile the floor but we aren't ready to do that quite yet and I eventually want to paint the cabinets and change the counters as well. One thing at a time. (My daily mantra :).
 I started with this shower curtain that I got from Target.com I loved the bright cheerful colors and it didn't seem too young. I wanted them to be able to grow with it a bit. 
 I ordered the decals off of Amazon.com but I think I've seem similar ones at Target. I hung two little hooks on the "branch" for the girls' towels.

Stay tuned for how I keep my little ones' bathroom organized later this week.

Cliffhanger: What am I going to do with these two frames (the color looks weird but they are pink and purple) and some ribbon? Check in tomorrow to find out.

Today's Daily Tip: When choosing paint colors or decor for a room choose something such as a rug, pillow, bedding, or in this case, a shower curtain, as your inspiration point. Then you can pull colors that are either in your inspiration piece or that compliment it. Makes for a good starting point. People (including myself at times) tend to get stressed out when choosing paint colors. So find something that you love and build your room around it. You really can't go wrong.
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