Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organized Fridge

An organized refrigerator makes meal planning and prep so much easier. I try and go through and empty out anything that hasn't been eaten or is going bad before my grocery trip each week. That way, when I get back from the store, it is somewhat of a clean slate and I have plenty of room for new goodies.

 I am hoping to one day get a newer, much bigger fridge. But for now, this has to do. So, on the top shelf is where our milk and juices go. The next shelf contains a little lazy Susan to make getting things in the back a little easier. This shelf is usually where leftovers go as well. The berry colander is for cut up fresh fruit and the little egg crate is where we keep hard boiled eggs (we try and hard boil any that are about to expire). The empty space below is usually where the regular carton of eggs goes. Obviously somebody needs to go to the store. :) Next to the eggs is juices and then drinkable yogurts for the kids. I try and put them where the kids can reach. The more independence, the better for me. 
 First thing I do is group like with like. I used my Silhouette to cut me some labels out of the frosted vinyl (love that stuff). Labels help everyone to know where to get things and to put things back.

 This was a box that the juices came in. I decided to spray it with chalkboard paint and label it too. Yes I did. I like things to be pretty people. :)
 These handled baskets I got from the Container Store and I love them. The little labels came from Staples' Martha Stewart line. I again put the baskets at the kids level and fill them with goodies for their lunches and snacks.
 Which leads me to my Tip of the Day: When getting home from the store, wash and cut up fruits and veggies and place them into small serving cups. So easy when preparing lunches and for the kids to have as a quick and healthy snack. My daughter loves dipping veggies in ranch so I include little servings of those as well. It takes some time up front but well worth it throughout the week.

If anyone else has any quick tips about food storage or prep, I'd love to hear them!
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  1. Love all of this! I'm in the middle of fridge organizing and will use some of these tips:)

  2. I'm having trouble finding the baskets, tried walmart and the dollar store.NO luck with the ones that have handels, which is a must.

    1. The handled baskets came from Target's dollar spot last year. Not sure that they have them there right now but keep checking. Also the larger handled ones came from The Container Store which you could also order online. Hope that helps!




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