Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organized Table Caddy

 Today's TIp of the Day is really the entire post--corralling things you use frequently at the kitchen or dining table. These are the items that we seem to use most frequently.
 We typically need salt, pepper, and occasionally sugar so it is nice to have them at easy reach.
 I used to set the table each night with silverware that we may need and found that we often didn't use all of the utensils so I was washing more than I needed to. This keeps it close for us to grab as needed. (I happened to have two different sets of silverware so I keep one set in here and one set in our silverware drawer. Makes it easy to know which goes where---this is not necessary though.) When emptying the dishwasher I just bring this to the counter and stick them in. Easy as pie. :) 

Also in this caddy is napkins and a little toothpick holder--both a must.

Last but not least, a container of wipes. Anyone with children knows that these are needed pretty much after every meal. We often need them for other things throughout the day and this is an easy place to access them. If you didn't need wipes, a roll of paper towels or a box of kleenex might also be appropriate. 

I put all of these items on a Melamine Tray that I got from Target. I like it because it is washable and if we need the table for something else like game night, we just remove the entire tray. I have also heard of using some sort of lazy susan so that everyone can reach what they need with just a little turn.
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  1. Very nice! I love the idea of wet wipes at the table.

  2. LOVE the tray idea! We also sometimes keep a cookie rack OVER our frequently used items (we have a smaller SnP shaker set) that will hold our serving dishes.



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