Monday, July 2, 2012

Hallway Stripes

 When we first moved in about a year ago, this is what our hallway leading to our laundry/mudroom looked like. Not bad but a little plain. You might have guessed by now, I don't do plain.
 (Had to include this shot of my babes. After all, they are always close by. :)
 I decided I wanted stripes. So, the first step was to measure (mine are about 1 foot wide) and using a level, mark off a few spots along the wall. Then you can easily run your tape along the marks. (Don't mind the laundry room. It is currently getting an overhaul. I tell you...never a dull moment around here.)
 I don't have a picture of the next step but what I have found to be the easiest and most accurate way to paint stripes is to take the original paint color and paint around the tape first. This kinds of seals it and keeps paint from seeping through--especially with any sort of textured walls. I've tried using caulk too. This worked better.

Then just take your alternating color and paint what looks to be the larger stripe. (If you look it will look like you have two different sized stripes. This is because you tape on the outside of your lines/marks. Be careful when taping. This can be a bit confusing if you aren't careful.

 Here are the walls once the tape came off. Pretty clean lines.
 Here it is after I added a few coat racks for the kids and a gallery wall for their art work. I'll touch more on that in another post (here). But you can kind of get the idea. I like this because the kids can put away their own things and it kind of brings it out of the mudroom--since we also use it as a laundry room.

 Update***  So we lived with the hallway as it was picture above for almost a year but I kept feeling like I should maybe extend it a bit. So, guess what? I did. I decided to continue the stripes to the little wall here with our coat closet.
 I used the same process as I did before and taped my walls.
 Here is a pic of the next step where I took the original paint color and kind of sealed the tape. This is important. (Note the change of color in the laundry room back there? Just the beginning. :)
 Now because I was continuing from around the corner I had to be especially careful to line up my stripes. I even decided to take them into the closet a bit-not the whole thing, just enough to see when the doors are open.  
 Probably not that big of transformation but for me it was huge. I think the little details can sometimes make all the difference.

Before the continuing stripes...
and after. Does anyone else agree with me?
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  1. Do you remember the color of paint you used for your stripe. I would like to do the same idea, and our walls are pretty close to the same original color as you began with. Thanks!!

    1. Sure! The original color was called Krisp Khaki from Behr. The color of the stripes we added is called Seaside Sand also from Behr. Hope that helps! Good luck!



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