Friday, July 13, 2012

Spice Rack

  My husband and I both enjoy cooking. He especially loves to add a lot of flavor to his dishes. I love having easy access to anything I am working with in the kitchen. We used to dig through our cabinets trying to find the right ingredient without knocking down everything else in the process. (Sound familiar?) That was a challenge. It just wasn't working.

Enter Spice Rack-

As I mentioned, I wanted something that was easy to access from the stove (since that is where most of my cooking takes place). But I wanted it to look fun and decorative as well. What is more decorative and fun than spices themselves? They come in so many colors and textures. It would add a little needed punch of color to my backsplash or counter. I decided on the honeycomb-shaped bottles because I liked the way they sort of "fit" together. It made for a sleek, colorful, and (most importantly) useful design.

 So my hubby took my vision and made it real (he does this a lot). We hung up our new spice rack and used/admired it daily. Friends and family did as well. I can't count the number of people who said, "You really should sell these". I guess I was finally convinced when a pizza delivery guy saw it and said, "Is that a spice rack? That is so cool!" I knew we had something.
So, we decided...why not?
If you would happen to be interested in purchasing one, we are selling them for $42.00 + shipping ($10.00). They come with the metal board you see here along with 12 hexagonal bottles with super strong neodymium magnets. You can also choose whether you would want with with pre-drilled holes and hardware or not. Please email me if you are interested or have any questions as well.

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