Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Calendar

I'm sure you are all aware that the back to school craze has begun yet again.  I don't know about you but the thought of my kids starting a new year makes me want to get that much more organized. So I thought I'd dedicate this week to how we get organized for getting back to school.

First things first, is getting everyone's schedules on track. 

 I typically start a new calendar with a new school year. Sort of a clean slate for all of us. I get out all of our new schedules and a different color pen for each of us. When everyone has their own color, it makes it so easy to figure out who has what each day.

I then store the schedules/calendars in our family binder ( I'll post about that another time).
 Lots of family calendars come with stickers that you can use with them. I have  also found some at The Container Store. We have lots of leftovers but they really do come in handy (you know for dentist/ doctor appts, birthday parties, etc.) I decided  an easy way to store them would be inside the calendar itself.
 So, I took a file folder and some decorative tape (although packaging tape or even duck tape would work) and created a pocket to hold all of my calendar stickers.
Here is how my calendar looks right now. I put a key at the top that shows what each activity sticker is for and what times they are. The bottom tells what days we go to what schools.
Put it back up on our command center where it is easy for everyone to access and we are one step closer to being ready for school.

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  1. Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!

    How awesome are you organization skills!

    Please stop by & say Hello, if you have the chance. (And follow)


    1. Thanks Kristina! I will do that !

  2. Cute command center! Uggh! I can't believe school is starting! I'm with you, though...a new school year motivates me to get organized!

    New follower from the Mom's Monday Mingle

    1. Thanks Shatzi! I just went and checked out your blog as well (And followed!) Love your ideas!




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