Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cutting a Rug

 I bought this rug a couple of years ago from Target. It was a perfect fit for our   previous house's family room and tied the colors all together. (one of these days I will look to see what kinds of pictures I have to show of our old house.)

When we moved, this rug worked well with the colors we had going on. However, there just wasn't a space where it "belonged". 

That was where the question:

"I wonder if I could have this cut and made into a couple of smaller rugs?"

came into play.

 To answer my own question: 

"Yes, you can."

 (Or actually Home Depot can. )

 Yes, they may look at you funny or say "This is the weirdest request I've ever heard" (as the older lady at Home Depot said to us). But don't let that stop you. Why? 

Because it's free.

I decided I wanted a runner and a rug for the front door so I had it cut to the appropriate measurements for my spaces (and where the pattern could handle being cut).  But as you can see by looking at the photos above, there was a lot of raveling going on and they just didn't look finished. So I found a place called Aurora Rug Binding, where they, you guessed it,  bind rugs. They can cut it for you there as well but they were going to charge me $30 each cut to do it.  That's why I chose Home Depot first.
When I brought it in the guys at Aurora Binding said because of the way my rug was made it needed to be surged. I was okay with that except that surging was over $6 a linear foot. The total would have come to over $150. Considering I'm not sure I even paid that for the original rug, I wasn't too keen on paying that. So, I opted to have it bound. I really just wanted to get rid of the raveling anyway and they assured me they would look fine. Binding was $2 something a linear foot. Much better. 
 So about four days and $44 later, it came back to me rolled up like this.
And once I opened it up, I  saw this. And no more raveling!
 This little spot gets A LOT of traffic so I thought a runner would be a perfect solution.
 A solution for little ones in rain boots
 as well as our four-legged friends who may as well should be. 
 I also got the perfect rug for my front door. Again, bringing similar fabrics, colors, rugs, etc. throughout your home helps to build that flow that I think makes a house seem so open and inviting.

Daily Tip of the Day: Don't be afraid to ask "weird" questions. You may miss out on a great result. And with a little research I was able to find a new company that may come in handy down the road as well.
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  1. Visiting from the Monday Mingle. I really love this post. What a fantastic idea! The rug looks great "reformatted".

  2. I had no idea! This is great to know.



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