Thursday, August 23, 2012

Restaurant Menu & Coupon Organizer

 A while back, I showed you my pantry organization, where I also hide keep some important things. On one door I keep my grocery list and menu planning. This door is used to stash coupons that I haven't looked at/cut and then there is my handy dandy restaurant menu and coupon organizer.
I had actually bought and used this organizer a while back for something else (not sure what) and decided it wasn't serving its best purpose. Then the idea hit me: it would make a perfect take-out menu and coupon organizer! Not that we go out or order out all the time, but we do every now and again and I was tired of rummaging through a drawer full of unorganized menus and restaurant coupons. 
First thing I did was divide our menus and coupons into categories and assigned them each a folder pocket. 

The nice things about this particular organizer is that it not only has folder pockets but it has smaller envelope like pockets in front of each one. Perfect for putting the coupons (And a cute label that I just slid right in.)

Here you can kind of see what I'm talking about. Like I said I got this a few years back (from Walmart) so I'm not sure if they have this exact sort of thing. With a little searching I was able to find something similar here--just don't think it has the envelope pockets. (I didn't do a whole lot of searching though so I'm sure they're out there somewhere.)

I used an "other" category for anything that we don't eat often but might like to try at some point.

I had a left over pocket and decided to make an "Entertainment" category. I use this for flyers and things that come in the mail that sound like something we may like to try. I also use it for gift certificates or tickets, etc. for upcoming events in the area etc. Kind of nice to have it all in one central place.

So there you have it. No more digging through a mess of papers if/when I'm not feeling like cooking or my husband and I are craving sushi. Now it is all together in a place that is easy to find and navigate. Love when I can find a system that the whole family can use.

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