Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Laundry Room Organization Part 1--Drawers

Last week I showed you our finished laundry room (finally, whew!)
Today I wanted to show you what I decided to keep in the drawers and how I organized them.
First step before any organizing project, start with a clean slate so I wiped everything down.
Then I decided I wanted to line my drawers.

I thought about using contact paper but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Then I remembered I had leftover fabric from kitchen bench and dining room chairs I upholstered. The best thing about this fabric: it's laminated--meaning I could wipe it down if necessary. Yay!

All I did was measure the drawer, cut the fabric accordingly, and stick it to the drawer using an adhesive spray. It isn't perfect but this is a laundry/utility room. :)

After the fabric was put in, I assessed what we had and what we often need quick and easy access to. First thing I thought of: tools. We keep majority of our tools and hardware in the garage but basics such as a hammer, screw driver and tape measure come in handy quite a bit. I used one of these sliding "Everything Organizers" because it had enough (and then some) slots for everything I wanted in there. I also like the sliding tray on top so that I can take it out and use it when we are hanging something in the house, etc. It came with some labels and then I added a few with my label maker--just to make sure random things don't start creeping in like they have a tendency to do.

The second drawer holds batteries, miscellaneous hooks, and my scented oil warmers. I just used plastic baskets I had on hand.

The last drawer is what we call the "Doggie Love" drawer. I holds just about everything they would need (shampoo, brushes, ear and teeth cleaner, bandages, nail clippers, treats, and rawhides). I like keeping these things in a portable basket so that if/when I need it, I can just take it with me.

Since I was already organizing the dogs' gear, I decided to give their food bowl stand a little facelift as well.  
So I gave it a couple coats of chalkboard spray paint (love that stuff).
My husband is now certain that he married the biggest nerd ever but that's ok by me. I'm not too proud. I think even the dogs deserve little messages written in chalk. Makes me smile anyway. :)

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