Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Week Day 3 Silhouettes and Hand Prints

As I mentioned on Monday this week is birthday week around our abode. My daughter is turning five on Saturday so the official countdown has begun. So at the beginning of the week, the balloon wreath went on the door and I began finalizing the party planning using my Party Time binder (and printables). 

Today I wanted to show you one of our traditions that we implement each birthday: 

The Silhouette and Hand Tracing I showed 
in my wall gallery post a while back.

(As you can see, we are needing an update. It is amazing how much they change in the matter of a year. )

Here's how I make my silhouettes:

1. Take a picture of your child (or model) looking to the side. Sort of like a mug shot. :) If you can, take it against a plain/light wall or background. (I actually used a piece of poster board behind my daughter.)

2.  Try playing around with your photo software to make your photo sharper and contrast from the background.

 (You can see I took a lot of the levels to 100%.)

3. Print out the photo.

4. Use tracing paper (computer paper would also work) to trace your silhouette and cut it out using fine-pointed scissors.

 *One tip I found to be helpful was to have your "model" wear a v-neck like shirt. It helps to give a natural cut off point for your silhouette.

5. Place your pattern on a dark card stock. 

6. Trace on the back of your card stock to avoid pencil marks and cut out.

7. Write the age of your model somewhere on your silhouette for future reference.

Now...onto the hand print. 
Pretty self explanatory.
(Don't you just love the ballerina stamp on that little hand. To be a kid....)

Don't forget to write down their age on the handprint as well.

Time to put it all together.

I began tracing my kids' hands on their first birthday and then build behind it each year to show their growth. (I just hold it with a small looped piece of tape so that I can add to it each year.)

Then replace the silhouette with the latest and greatest. (I like to keep the silhouettes in their baby book to look back at throughout the years.) Wa-la! My Tessa at five years old. Wow how time flies.

My baby (who's not a baby anymore) is next. What a difference that will be. The older they get, the more detailed their silhouette seems to become. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as we conduct our annual birthday interview. 
 That will be fun. (Kids say the cutest things. :)

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  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday Mingle! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thanks so much!! Have a great weekend!

  2. This is so beautiful Susan! I'm pinning this one! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity at Mom On Timeout. Hope to see you back tonight!



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