Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthday Week-Day 4 Birthday Interview and other Traditions

So as you may know my first born is turning on five on Saturday. So I decided to devote this week to birthday planning and traditions this week. (See here, here, and here for the other birthday posts.) I sat down with my little princess yesterday to conduct our annual birthday interview. (I know I said I would do this the day before but we just didn't get around to it. Life happens.)

The greatest part about this little interview is the one on one time and the fact that it makes her feel so special. 

I found and bought this book on Amazon for each of my kiddos when my oldest turned 1--and I love it.

Starting at year one all the way through eighteen, each year has a few pages as well as a time capsule to add things that are significant to the child that year. The first couple of years' pages are basically about their birthday party (who came, theme, favorite presents, etc.). Interviews start at year three as well as a few other surprises.

This year's "surprise" was to ask your child how to make a birthday cake. My favorite response from Tess on that one was when I asked her what temperature to put the oven on. Her response: "Hot."

Here is the interview that we had yesterday. (If you want to zoom in a bit, you can click on the photo. Hopefully you can read my writing.) The answers are always interesting (and cute). I forgot to go back and fill in how many minutes the interview took--probably about 15. I left the favorite gifts question blank as well since her birthday is tomorrow. We'll fill that in after her birthday.

One of the time capsule suggestions is to include a piece of yarn as tall as the child. Here she is comparing this year's yarn with last year's. So fun to see how much they've grown.

Here are a couple of other little 
traditions that we do as well:

The birthday placemat. The birthday kid gets to use it all day long on his/her special day.

The Hidden Cupcake. I found this at Hobby Lobby last year. The birthday boy/girl wakes up to a special breakfast with this ceramic cupcake sitting in sight. They have to leave it there and find it later during the day. Once they find it, there is a sweet little gift inside. The ways to use this are really endless. Check out the site to see more ideas.

Birthday Countdown. A cute board book about a little mouse who is counting down to his birthday while his dad is doing the same trying get a gift made for his son. We read this book throughout the week before our kids' birthdays. 

Happy Birthday To You. A sweet book full of beautiful illustrations to truly honor the birthday boy or girl. We read this on the kids' actual birthday.

So that's it for our traditions. Wish me some luck as I embark on making (trying to anyway) a "Castle Cake" that I found on Pinterest. I'll show you the original picture Monday as well as our "version" (depending on how it turns out. :) Stay tuned for that as well as some pics of the party!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE the birthday book idea! Too bad I didn't start that when my kids were younger. Good luck with the castle cake and have a great day celebrating tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Hilda! I am going to need all the luck I can get with the cake. For whatever reason I do this to myself every year and every year I wonder why. I am not the world's best baker by any stretch of the imagination. :)



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