Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daily Responsibility and Goal Sheets {Printables}

Yesterday I showed you how I created a daily/weekly cleaning and laundry schedule. (See that post here.)

Today I wanted to share a few printables I created to keep those chores as well as other to-do's and goals in one place.

Here is a daily responsibility sheet which also includes cleaning and laundry. I created one of each day of the week. I use these to list things that don't change much each week. I printed mine on cardstock and am probably going to laminate them so that I can cross things off as I finish them. 

Gotta love crossing things off right? :)

I also created a daily goal sheet. This is for those things that pop up each day that don't necessarily happen regularly.

I put a key at the top to clarify the types of goals/to-do's and then highlighted each of them a different color.

I bought a few packs of small multi-colored post it notes from Target--which match the colors of the words that I highlighted.

As things come up, I write down what I need to do on the specific colored post its. For example if I need to make a phone call or email, I write it on a pink one and so on. I am such a visual person this helps me see what needs to be done. Then when I finish them, I just take them off and toss them. And If I don't get something done, I can just move it to the next day. The idea is to have a clean sheet by the end of the day. 

Can we say "closure"? 

Although I like to sit down the night before and come up with my day before hand,  I also keep a stack of these in my purse and next to my bed. That way when things come up or cross my mind, I can just write them down on post its and stick them to my goal sheet when I get a chance. 

I also created similar goal sheets for the month and on-going goals. These may be things that come up and are just sort of up in the air. Just something about getting it down on paper though that eases my mind.

Last but not least, here is a weekly responsibility sheet to put all of the daily responsibilities on one page--for quick reference. 

I sure hope this helps somebody like it does me! 

***You can now purchase these printables from my Etsy shop!

Daily Responsibility Sheets:

Monday-Friday Sheets can be purchased here.
Sat/Sun. can be purchased here.

Weekly Responsibility Sheet here.

Goal Sheets:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and On-Going Goal Sheets can be purchased here.

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  1. Fun printables! Thanks for sharing:) So far I've had a great time breaking everything down & making my plans for the week - it's working already, LOL!

  2. What a great creative way to keep on top of things.

    Stopping by via the Follow Who Hop- It's nice to meet you! I am following you in all the social networks we have in common.

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog -, as well as my Facebook page -


    1. Thanks so much Deb! I will stop by your site as well! Thanks for following along!

  3. Loving the printables! I'm having a hard time downloading Monday and Sat/Sun's responsibility sheets, though...

    1. Okay, hopefully got it fixed. Try it again and if you can let me know. Thanks for letting me know!

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