Monday, November 5, 2012

Project: Guest Room {Organizing/Decorating Process}

Can you believe it is already November??? 

I swear we were just swimming and now Halloween has already passed. 

Well, since it is November, I started thinking of things to know....Thanksgiving....Christmas.

And with those holidays fast approaching, I started thinking about guests, which made me think about our....Guest Room

 You may have seen this picture from our home tour pics. It isn't much. Honestly it  is sort of just a hodge podge of leftover furniture that had no other home. Sure, it has the main necessity of a guest room (that being a bed) but it just isn't very welcoming.

So guess what???? I'm re-doing it!!

But, before I do, I wanted to show you the steps I take when taking on a new project such as this one.

Step 1: Analyze

Think about (and write down) what is 
currently working in the room
what isn't working
and the goals you have for the room.

Step 2: Strategize

Come up with a plan of some sort to meet your goals.
I typically divide my ultimate goal into smaller, more attainable goals / action steps. For example, the first goal may be to paint the walls. I then put a plan and time frame as to how and when to get this done. And so on.

(The mood board below will in no way be exactly how the room turns out
 but it gives me an idea and a direction to start from and follow.)

Step 3: Apply the Budget

I always have this in mind even when I first begin a project but this is were I start to figure out how I can put my plan in place within that budget. Do I need to search and refurbish some great thrift store finds? Can I use and upcycle something I already have? Can I recreate something from a store at home less expensively?

With this step I also look to see if there is anything I can sell in the room (or anywhere else for that matter) to help with my budget.
In this case I was able to sell the wooden frame around the bed (it was just too large for the room) and the bakers' rack that just kind of landed there when we moved and served very little purpose.
I typically use Craigslist when selling these types of items and have had lots of luck. If you price it right, it will sell.

Step 4: Adding Details and Reflection

Once the main components of the room are finished, it is time to add the details. Whether it be labeling containers, adding accessories and pops of color, etc. the details are what makes a room truly functional and fun. :) This by the way is always my favorite part. 

Once I have finished my space I may give it a little time and then I always reflect on what has been done and if it has solved all of my original issues. If it hasn't, what else needs to be done? You may discover that what you thought would solve the problem, hasn't quite done the trick. What can you tweak/add to make it the space you invisioned? 

So there you have it: the process I go through when organizing/decorating a space. And now that I have discovered my issues with the current guest room and have come up with a plan to make it better, I can't wait to begin! (Psst...actually, I already have begun a little. I'll show you soon.)  We've got to have it done for the holidays which doesn't leave a whole lot of time. 
Stay tuned to see the progress.

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