Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread Birthday Party

Well as we're all aware, this is a crazy time of year for everyone. And we are no exception. My youngest's birthday is 1 week before Christmas and we had her 3rd birthday party (a little early) this past weekend.

Look, even Jingle was ready. We woke up to him in 
T's stocking with a candle for her cake!

With her birthday being so close to Christmas, I typically try and make it a Christmas or winter theme (at least while I have some control on the theme. :) This year we decided on a gingerbread theme. 

It was in the middle of the afternoon so there wasn't a lot of food. Just a few snacks...including a Christmas tree veggie tray. :)

And a hot chocolate bar. 

Here's the birthday girl in her birthday outfit--thanks to a sweet friend. 

And check out this cake. I decided I had enough on my plate right now and ordered it from a bakery here in town. Couldn't have been more pleased. And it was as yummy as it was pretty.

Here were our tables set up for constructing and decorating our gingerbread houses.

I decided to go with wooden birdhouses to decorate rather than the actual gingerbread houses made of graham crackers. 

That way they could take them home and enjoy them longer.

The birthday girl was happy so I'd call it a success.

Happy almost birthday sweet girl.

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  1. our son's birthday is just before christmas so when he was little we also threw a gingerbread house decorating party. such a hit! yours looks absolutely adorable. two words i love: order and creativity.

    c'mon over if you have a moment. would love to have you enter my giveaway.

    smiles to you and best wishes to the bday girl.


    1. Thanks Michele! It was a fun party! I will definitely stop by!

  2. That was such a cute idea to use the wooden birdhouses to make the gingerbread houses, and what child doesn't enjoy crafts!

    1. Thanks Carol! I think that part was a hit! We had everything from paint, to foam windows and doors, to spray snow! They turned out really cute! :)



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