Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway: I Like Books

Hi friends! Last Friday I just ended my Spice Rack Giveaway and said there would be another giveaway this week! Well.....tis the season. Right?

And this next giveaway is perfect for this time of year--
whether it be for a gift or for yourself or family.

It is called the I Like Book written by Meredith and Lance Looney, both whom I've had the privilege to meet and think they are an amazing couple.

What's even better? 

There are three different versions and therefore can be three different winners!

The I Like Book for kids is such a great way to sort of "catch up" with your kids after a long and busy day. It doesn't have to take long but it will mean so much to them and make them feel so special in your eyes. As a former teacher, I used to do something similar with my students and I can't even express how proud they were when myself or a classmate said something nice about them. I now have started it with my own kids and it is probably their favorite part of the day. Ever have those days when you feel like all you've done is said "no". Or you were just busy and tired and didn't make enough time for them? I'm pretty sure we all have. This book makes for a great reminder for both you and your child of what is truly the most important. What a way to end the day on a positive note, right?

The I like Book for Women is a similar concept except for the fact that you (if you're a woman) are taking time for yourself. What does that mean, right? I know life can be so hectic and crazy that we rarely take time for ourselves. But when we do, it can be so empowering and healing. I often keep a journal or notebook by me bed for those nights when I have a lot on my mind and can't sleep. I find it helpful to get my thoughts down on paper. Sort of a way to put it aside for the time being and because it is written down I can revisit it later. This book would be perfect for that. And what a way to have a record to look back on one day. It is full of inspiring pictures and quotes as well. If not for you, don't we all know someone could really use this? What a perfect gift.

Last but not least is the I Like Book for couples. What a great concept! Again, with our busy lives, we often find it hard to find the time to really be with and appreciate each other. When my husband and I were just dating and newly married we would each write a letter to each other at the end of the year. I can't even tell you how much I treasure those letters and love looking back at them. You don't think you'll forget how you were feeling but you do. And as time went on and kids came, as well as other life stuggles/stresses, the letter writing dwindled. We found it to be too hard to keep up with. That is why I love this book. It is not a huge, daunting undertaking. It simply takes a few minutes a day to write down something you like about your significant other. But those words can truly bring you closer to one another and will be cherished forever. 

With the holidays fast approaching, wouldn't it be nice to stop the hustle and bustle of it all, even if just for a second to do/say something nice to one another/ourselves? Better yet...wouldn't this make the perfect thoughtful gift for someone you care about?

Now's your opportunity!!! Just let me know in the comments which book you would most prefer and you may be a lucky winner! 

They are discounting their price through December 
for 25% off with the code: likebook. 
And your order ships within 24 hours! 

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  1. The i like book for women sounds like just what I need to make it through this "season" of my life. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy:).


  2. Toss up between the kids one and the couples one! They all look great. Thanks for this giveaway!

  3. Hi there!!! I am Hanna and I found you through the blog hop!! I love making new friends and your blog is lovely. I am your newest follower:) Happy Holidays! You can find me over at
    xooxxo Hanna

  4. This would be perfect for my daughter! I'd love the Kid's ilike book! thanks!!!

  5. I think I would like the kids ilike book the most. I have three kids and sometimes it is difficult to find the time to talk with each of them individually and make time for just them to feel special. I also don't take enough time for myself as a working mom of three, so the womens ilike book is a close second!

  6. I'd love the couples book! After 20 years together it might be fun and a something special to keep!



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