Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Home Management Binder Day 3: Planning Goals and To-do's

I know its been a few days but I haven't forgotten about ya, I promise. Now that I've tweaked the Command Center a tiny bit and got all my supplies together for my Home Management Binder, I'm ready to get started. Yippee! 

If you remember, I got a fun Binder from Target so that I could leave it out on my counter if/when needed.

The inside has a little clipboard that I thought would be perfect for my monthly checklists--for now anyway. :)

Although this particular binder doesn't have a clear sleeve in front, I thought I'd go ahead and make a cover and spine for anyone who wanted to download one. One less thing to do, right? So here you go!

{Download here.}

{And here.}

Okay, so on for the first section: Planning Ahead.

And on the back is the table of contents that I can add to as my binder grows.

{Feel free to download here.}
{And here.}

So now that I have my cover, I got out my good old friend, label maker.

And labeled my tabs.

My first tab was yearly goal planning.

At the beginning of each year, I like to sit down with my hubby
and come up with a number of goals we want to try and accomplish.
They could be couple/family goals, personal, business name it.

***Here's the latest version. :)

{Download here.}

However, as anyone who has ever made New Year's resolutions knows, if all you do is write them down, you are highly unlikely to accomplish them. Goals are meant to be broken down into smaller, manageable steps.

So the next thing I like to do is sort of map out our year with monthly steps toward reaching those goals. I like to be able to see my whole year in front of me. 

{Download here.}

{And here.}

My next tab is: To-do lists. 

This is where I keep all of my daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities and to-do's that I posted about here. (You can also download your own there too.)

Okay, I'm done for today--but I'm working on some more to show you.

Stay tuned for my next tab: Meal Planning. :)

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  1. I'm slightly obsessed by organising and decluttering this year and your inspiration is an amazing help, thank you

    1. Thank you Sandra! Glad to be able to help a little. Have a great week!



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