Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Mantel and Mailboxes

I'm almost done decorating for Valentine's Day.  Today I got my mantel done 
with a few easy and inexpensive additions:

like the heart hanging in the mirror. It is actually a felt placemat from the Dollar Tree. I just tied some raffia to it and there she be.

I added a little vinyl to my plates. Oh and the little tree was from Target last year after Valentine's had past. Got 2 of them for super cheap.

Then of course are the little mailboxes that I found at the Target $ spot.

I added a little vinyl to each of them as well so that we could all remember which mailbox was ours.

And then there is the $1 felt heart garland that I got at, you guess it....the Dollar Tree. Seriously...I couldn't have made it for that.

Last but certainly not least are my two little sweeties...front and center. I think they kind of make the whole mantel personally. :)

We're not quite done yet though....

Since we each have our own little mailboxes, I felt like I should add some goodies to the kiddos' post office in the playroom (to read more about it go here.)

Just by adding some fun love stamps,

paper hearts and stationary,

some heart crayons that we made a few years back,

and of course some pretty pink paper

 and stickers---

the kids now have a perfect spot for creating their very own valentines.

And boy are the lovin' it. 

Did I mention I heart February?

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  1. SO cute! Love the post office idea:) I like what you did with the plates on the mantle! I have the same heart placemat but didn't use it this year. Hanging it as a wreath is a cute idea.

  2. So sweet! What a beautiful family! I'm a new follower ;)
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

    1. Thank you Jamie! And thanks for following along! I'm stopping by your site as well. Love the name. :)



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