Saturday, February 9, 2013

Date of the Month Club!!!

With this being the month of love I thought I'd share a little something I made for my hubby a couple of years back. I don't know about you, but after having kids, (although we said we would never let this happen), we kind of put "us" on the back burner to just about everything else. 

I came across this idea from a guest post on How Does She and decided to put my own spin on it to customize it for my hubby and I-- The Date of the Month Club book!
I found this chip board book at Hobby Lobby and thought this would be a good size, added some stickers to the front and I had the cover--easy peasy.

As you open the book, you are introduced to the Date of the Month Club --with full instructions. The original instruction sheet (here) was very similar to this but I had to tweak it a bit to make it fit "us", so I created a similar one of my own. 

Next come the dates----one for each month.

But before you look on, I wanted to explain a bit. You will see that each month consists of something different for us to do. Many of these things were ideas I found around our city of Denver that we had never done before and some were a little out of our comfort zones. (You'll see in a minute.) I tried to include things for both of us to enjoy and that would help bring a little romance. I was hoping that by trying something new, it would make our relationship feel sort of new again as well. And you know what? I was right. 
When you are both put in a different type of situation than is "normal" for you, there is a sense of vulnerability that comes with it. 

You will see that each date also has an envelope and a mini calendar. The envelope holds any info, tickets, etc for the date. Some of the dates were already purchased and had a specific date already where as others were sort of open for us to decide the exact date (hence the calendar). I have to say that deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social are great for date ideas! 

FYI---I am not a scrap booker, so if you are, I'm sure you could make your book much cuter than mine. Just sayin'.

1 ballroom dancing lesson. I have to say, we actually really enjoyed this.

 A night of bowling. I also included some fun, competitive ways to play. 

March is hubs' birthday month. As you can see, that one was still in the works.

I found a Groupon for a symphony performance--something different for us.

Jazz in the park, complete with a schedule of bands that play throughout the summer and when and a Subway gift card to pick up dinner on the way. We used to do this kind of thing when we were dating. Brought back good memories.

Fall is such a pretty season that I thought it would be fun to enjoy something outside a bit--and learn something new together. Why not?

We already had a Vegas vacation planned. So this became our date for the month.

Water World. This one may have been our favorite. We actually went WITHOUT KIDS and had so much fun!

I planned 2 "Choose your own adventure" dates so hubby could help decide. the choices were a baseball game or drive in movie, and Canvas and Cocktails where we can learn how to paint or cooking lessons. 

And last but not least, was ice skating--which is definitely new to both of us.

I also included some "Home" date nights as well.

Complete with invitations!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas as for your significant other this Valentines' Day. If you care to do something similar, feel free to download any of the pages below!

Download your own Date of the Month Club Instructions here.

Download more Date Book instructions here.

Download your own Spouse Slumber Party invitation here.

Download your own blank spouse invitation here.

How do you like to spend Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear!!!

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  1. Such a cute idea and a great gift! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Sarah Lynn @ Sarah Lynn's Sweets

    1. Thanks Sarah! And your welcome! :)


  2. Such a fun idea. Even as empty nesters we still have to make sure we take time to plan date nights! Even though it may seem like every night is a date night!!
    I'd love for you to come over and share at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party which is open until Tuesday evening.

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely stop by!



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