Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun and Easy Valentines

Yesterday I showed some of our valentines from years past. Today I thought I'd show what we are making for this year! And because one of my littles goes to two different schools, we had to come up with THREE DIFFERENT VALENTINES. 

Thank goodness for Pinterest, the Dollar Tree, and a printer is all I have to say!!

The first one is simply a little fishbowl and little plastic bags.

Drop in some Swedish Fish and your Valentine is complete.

Another easy but fun one.

And last but not least. I just cut some slits in the heart, slid the glow stick through...and wa la!

And guess what???? I made some for you to download. You are welcome!!! :)

Download your own fishbowl valentines here.

Download your Glow Stick valentines here.

Download your own Pop Rock valentines here.

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