Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Playroom: Dress-up Area & a Place to Perform

So I'm continuing my quest to re-organize my kiddos' playroom. Most of it was pretty much finished, but just needed a little tweaking--especially since adding new toys since Christmas and the girls' birthdays. 

Today's project: the kiddo's stage and dress-up area.

A while back I posted how this stage came to be (see that post here). And although it was fine the way it was...well, you know me. :)

1st thing on the list was to spray the front with chalkboard paint.

Don't forget to prep it with chalk once it has dried.

Now we have a fun place to name our productions and write fun messages.

Of course, some of Santa's surprises included fancy dresses and other dress-up gear so I thought I'd show our dress-up area a little more closely. (Forgive me if I'm repeating myself at all.) All of these hooks came from Hobby Lobby.

The mirror was originally a $5 plain white mirror from Walmart. I dressed it up a bit with two different types of ribbon, hot glue,  and some adhesive gems. Every girl has got to have a mirror. ; )

Found this cute little treasure box at Goodwill. I knew it would be the perfect addition and would be great to hold anything dress-up that didn't really have a place.

This little guy also came from Hobby Lobby and is a perfect place for the kids' "bling".

One side of the stage is open and just so happened to be the perfect size for four of the medium Trofast bins from Ikea. Each bin has a job.

Here are some of your own labels to download if you'd like.

I recently came across this pink and black hanging shoe organizer at Home Goods for such a good price that I snatched it up knowing I could find a place for it.

I decided to cut it down a bit and hang it on each side of the stage.

One side now holds musical instruments for when they feel the urge to rock out

and the other side holds puppets for the occasional puppet show.

If you want to read more about the puppet theater and how we hung the curtains go to the original post here.

And that's a wrap for today!

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  1. This is ADORABLE! You have some lucky lucky kids:)

  2. How amazingly fun and creative. I wish I had something like this when I was little.

    1. Thanks Sam! It really is fun to watch them perform for us. :)



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