Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Playroom: Word Wall, Post Office & Some Help for Daddy

Only a few projects left of our kiddos' playroom reorganization. We had a word wall before but had to move it to another wall and modify it a bit. I decided to use flannel this time so that my words would stick (with velcro). The letters came from The Land of Nod a couple of years ago. (I had to draw in "A" because it has disappeared...don't ask.)

The word wall makes more sense being over the kids' "Post Office" since they do all of their writing/art here. (See more about the post office here.) I add words that my five year old is working on for easy reference. 

I also added a little drawer unit that I already had to hold various kinds of paper.

To get your own post office labels, check out my shop.

Another new thing I added was a little area with envelopes to some of our favorite people. :) As the girls make art work and write letters, they can add them to each envelope. 

Once they're filled up, we'll close them and send them in the mail.

I also included each person's name and address so that the kids can practice addressing an envelope. 

Daddy works from home and his office is off of the playroom (I know, so lucky huh?). I decided to add a large envelope to his door for the girls' masterpieces they make especially for him. Instead of multiple interruptions, he can just look through the envelope at the end of the day and hang any that he desires. (Believe me, this was becoming a bit ridiculous.)

I also decided to go a step further and create a stop sign for him to hang when he is on an important phone call or can't have any interruptions. I put it in a clear plastic sleeve and hung it from a Command hook.

On the other side is a caution sign for when he isn't quite so busy.

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  1. This is AWESOME!!! I'm a preschool teacher and I'm in love with your word wall - it would be a great addition to my classroom. I also like it for my son but would have to find a wall to put it on {giggle}. My favorite piece - the envelopes with the pictures/addresses above them...genius! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from The Dedicated House linky party.



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