Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Scavenger Hunt--for Grown-ups

Earlier this month was Hubby's birthday. So I thought I'd share a gift 
I came up with for him a few years ago.

Here was the cover page (which I glued onto a large manilla envelope.)

Once he had the envelope and cover page, he had to "find" the prescriptions throughout the day. 

Some were pretty self explanatory 

(The "Peace and Quiet" prescription came with ear plugs attached.
 We had a new born baby at the time.)

while others were a little more specific. 

(The "Music" prescription came with a cd of his favorite tunes 
that he found in his car on his way to work. The "Exercise" prescription came with a pass to our rec center; and the "Apparel" prescription came with a gift card to Sports Authority.)

(The "Golf" prescription came with a coupon to a course he likes; while the "Laughter" prescription came with a night out at the comedy club.)

(The "Caffeine" prescription came with a Starbucks gift card next to his coffee cup; the "Smiles" prescription came with a cute picture of the kids' framed for his desk. "Sunshine" came with some new sunglasses; and "Memories" came with a Shutterfly photo book that I made for him.)

Now I can't say I go quite this far out for every birthday. 
But I do say that he absolutely loved it and it was so 
worth the effort. So, if you 'd care to do something similar, 
you can download your own below and make it your own. 
(I did make it a little more general--
just incase you don't have daughters named Tessa and Teah. :)

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