Monday, March 11, 2013

Do It Yourself Fabric Headboard

If you've been following along, you are aware that my latest project to tackle has been my youngest (3 year old) daughter's bedroom. The last image I gave you was this one--where we decided on a color for the walls and the quilt as our inspiration. 
(Read here, here, and here to see how we got this far.) make the bed a little more of a statement.

We measured the width of the bed and hubs cut three squares out of scrap wood based on the measurements. He also drilled holes into each board for easy hanging.

Because we were going to upholster the boards, we figured we would "pre-hang" them to make it a little easier. And to do that we started with the center board and worked our way out. Using a tape measure and a level, we were able to mark where each board went through the predrilled holes.

Here are all three boards hanging. Don't worry--there's more to do.

Because each board's holes differed a tiny bit, hubs marked each one with an L, C, or R (Left, Center, Right) so that we knew where each board belonged once we put the fabric on. (I know these boards aren't exactly pretty...yet. Remember this was scrap wood that we found in our garage.)

I found some fun fabrics at Hobby Lobby and bought a yard of each

as well as some poly foam. Everything was on sale so I got it all for just under $30. Pretty good I think.

To cut the foam, I placed the board on top and used a utility knife to score it. (I didn't try and cut all the way through because the knife was a little dull and I didn't want to hurt my table. :)

Once I had it scored I was able to see exactly where to cut.

And it cut very easily with scissors.

Once the foam was cut, it was time to move on to the fabric.

Using the foam with the board, I made sure to cut enough to wrap around both and have enough to staple on the back.

Once the fabric was all cut, it was time to iron.

Ready to use my handy dandy staple gun!

If any staples were sticking out a bit, I just tapped them in with a hammer.
(***I made sure the letter labels were on the back so that we could see them after the board got wrapped in fabric.)

I also made sure to cut the fabric to expose the holes that were on the back.

Here are the boards all upholstered. Pretty huh?

And here they are up behind the bed. The color's a little off. The middle board is much more pink then it looks here. But you get the idea.

Making progress but still more to go! 
Stay tuned this week as we finish up the room! 

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  1. It turned out so cute! Love the fabric choices. megan

  2. Oh that's a good idea on hanging them. I am getting ready to tackle this for the first time for my 4 year old. I couldn't figure out how to hang them easily!

    1. Hope this gave you some ideas! It really was pretty simple to do. We decided hanging them would work the best for us. Good luck with your project!


  3. I love the combination of the three square color blocks. What a great idea for a headboard...
    Good work!

    hugs x

    1. Thanks Crystelle! I'm liking the color it brings into the room. Have a great week! :)




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