Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dresser Revamp

Almost finished with my baby's 3 year old's bedroom makeover. (Go here to catch up a bit.) On the list today: to give her dresser/hutch a bit of a makeover. I thought about painting it but really just didn't want to take that on. 

Way back when (when she actually was a baby) I stuck these adhesive butterfly mirrors on the inside not really thinking that they wouldn't come off without doing some damage. Live and learn right?

And unfortunately some lessons are harder learned than others. 

So I knew once I managed to remove the mirrors, I would need to cover it up somehow.

Enter some pretty wrapping paper. :) I looked all over for paper and finally decided on this one from Hobby Lobby. I liked that the background was white so that it would help lighten it up a bit. And since her bedding has a lot of white this would help balance out the room a little more as well.

First thing I did (after removing everything from the shelves and cleaning them all well) was to measure each piece that I would need and cut the paper accordingly. (Tip: It always helps to use paper that has a grid or lines of some sort on the back. So much easier for measuring and cutting in a straight line!)

Then using some spray adhesive (this particular kind said it could be both permanent or temporary and allowed me to move the paper if I needed to) I simply placed the paper on and sort of just smoothed out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Any excess was cut off with an exacto knife.

Here is it completed. So much better...

and brighter.

And although that was a huge improvement I thought the drawers could use a little update as well. 

And what better way than with new (and sparkly) knobs. Every little girl/princess likes a little bling, right?

I chose a couple different (but similar) kinds, again from Hobby Lobby.

Just a little added (girly) touch.

Even the little end table (that may one day get a new paint job) 

got a little sparkle.

Ready to see the whole dresser put back together???

First let's reflect back on what we started with: 

And now:

Better, right?

So love simple and inexpensive ways to make big impacts. 

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  1. My daughter has almost the same dresser/hutch, just lighter wood. What a great idea to change it up. We'll be redoing her room within the next few months, I will keep this idea in mind!

    1. Thanks Kat! It was really easy and made a big difference. Good luck with your daughter's room!

  2. Its darling!!! The pattern you chose for the background wonderful!!!



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