Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Achieving} An Organized Cabinet for Kids

I've shown you bits and pieces of my kitchen, but today I thought I'd give you a glimpse inside one of my (possibly most important) cabinets.

That's right. It's my kiddos' cabinet. 

Why is it so important?

Because I've set it up so that my kids know exactly where to get their cups and plates for a quick drink or snack. And I LOVE anything that promotes independence!

The bottom of the cabinet houses plastic bowls
as well as a clear bin for their plates.

The top portion of the cabinet is actually a pull out drawer/shelf (that was there when we moved in). Can I just say that I ABSOLUTELY love these and if I could, I would put them in every cabinet. (I may eventually). It just makes things so easily accessible because you don't have to crouch down just to see what's inside.

As you can see I used another inexpensive bin to keep the kids' cups. The key here is to only have as many as you need and that will fit in the basket.

The smaller bin holds some of the cups' lids.

The drawer directly above is also being utilized for a similar purpose. Again, some inexpensive baskets are used to divide the space. Here we keep more kids' lids, extra straws, sippy cup attachments, popsicle sticks, and even a few wine stoppers for us grown-ups. :) All drink related and all right beside the fridge. Adult glasses are in the upper cabinets above. (That's another post for another day.)

One quick tip I thought I'd add: 

we also keep a little container of straws in the fridge for easy access. 
My kids have a drinkable yogurt every morning when they first wake up. This makes for  very quick and easy access. And I think they like that they are cold. :)

That's it! Really simple but it works! 

I'd love to hear ways you help organize your kiddos! Please share! 

To see how I've organized:

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