Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Client Space: {Achieving} An Organized Pantry

A while back, I was asked to organize a friend's pantry.

Take a look at what we started with.

Obviously the bones were beyond.... well....awesome.
 (Most of us dream about having a pantry this size.)

But as you can see, it wasn't being used to it's full potential.

And that's where I came in. :)

First thing:

Take everything out (sorting like with like) and give everything a good wipe down.

Once things are grouped, it is time to

throw out anything that is expired, empty boxes, etc. 

Then comes the fun part: Containerizing! 

Now obviously this can look a number of different ways--
depending on budget and need. 

My friend wanted to keep her spices in the pantry so I decided to use these handled bins from the Container Store to group them in. Because the baskets have handles on the front, they are able to go up top without them being a problem to reach.

The floor became a spot for larger, more bulky items such as light bulbs, paper towels, and other paper products. I used these larger open-front bins from Walmart for those. (Another cool function is that they stack if you have space. These would also be great in a garage.)

I love using carousels (Ikea) to maximize space in corners.

More stackable baskets from Walmart (here and here) hold snacks
 and other boxed goods.

Time for some of my favorite Martha Stewart labels (Staples).

I was able to put some of the labels directly on the baskets, while others I put on cardboard, cut out, and attached with twine. I like using the chalkboard labels because, not only are they fun, but they can be changed when needed.

Ready for the side by side before and after?

Who's ready to start organizing?

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