Friday, May 24, 2013

{Achieving} A Hanging Summer Bucket List

I mentioned the other day that I have started planning for summer with the kids. I have been coming up with a bucket list (so to speak) of summer activities for a few years now. (The other day I shared the printable (above). You can see that here.)

This year is no different---other than some of the activities have changed as did the way I am displaying it. 

Ready for this year's display?

I started with an empty door (this one leads to our basement and is passed by hundreds of several times a day.) The little strips are small command hooks that peel right off when needed.

Then I took some twine and zig zagged it in and out of the hooks.

Next came the clothespins that I decorated with a little washi tape.
 Love that stuff.

Can you see where I'm going here?

At the bottom I added a little envelope for our summer outing cards that I made.

Want to see them?

(Feel free to download them and use with your kiddos as well. Notice that I used pictures along with words. As I mentioned before my kiddos are still young and my oldest is just now starting to read. So the pictures help them to identify where we are going without even having to ask. The idea is that every time we choose to go on one of these adventures we clip it on the door to remind us of all the fun we had.)

The first page has a few blank cards incase you have some other ideas to add. 
{Download here.}

By the end of the summer, it should look something like this and we'll have lots of memories to go with it. 

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  1. This is adorable. You seem to be a girl after my own heart. Anyone can make a bucket list, but a list is so boring! I love how cute and decorative you've made it. Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like a fun-filled summer! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I agree. Who likes boring?? :) I can almost officially say I'm ready for summer now! Happy Friday!


  2. Love this!
    Come party with APIMP!
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    The party is open every Thursday night and closes Wednesday's at midnight.
    Hugs, Cathy

  3. This is such a great idea!! I am doing this Summer Survival Challenge with Jenni at Hello, Mornings! All the activities we are doing can be posted visibly like this! I am so glad I came across your blog... Pinning this one.

    {Here from The Shabby Nest.}

  4. I love this idea way cute and way fun for the kiddos. You have a very creative blog.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.


  5. I totally pinned this!! It's awesome, thank you!

    1. Thank you and your welcome! Enjoy!!


  6. Loved this post! Actually used it for inspiration for my post tomorrow and created my own bucket list for myself for the summer. I'm hoping to create a clothesline similar to yours for goals after I move to my new place this summer. Love it!

    - Pam

    1. Thanks Pam! Glad to have inspired you! I'll come check out your ideas as well! Thanks for stopping by!




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