Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Achieving} An Organized Man's Closet

My husband and I are very fortunate because we...are you ready?....

We each have our own closet!

There I said it.

However, although we have our own space, I have to say, they both needed some help as a lot of the space wasn't being utilized. Especially my husband's.

So, a while back, with some help from my dad, we decided to make some changes to his closet.

You can see here that it is your ordinary walk-in closet with a single clothing rod.

On the other side are some built in wooden shelves.

All of this is a great start and much more storage than many people have. But I knew we could make it a much more useful and efficient use of space.

The first thing we did was clear everything out and clean the walls and shelves.

We then gave it a couple coats of Benjamin Moore paint.

Now came the fun part.

I had a piece of pegboard cut to size at our local hardware store.

And then wrapped it in this canvas-like fabric I found. (We just stapled it to the back using a staple gun.) We thought about what my hubs would need to hang and then cut little holes for the hooks.

It is now the perfect spot for hats, belts, a lint roller, and a shoe shining kit. :)

Below is a little stool that I had somewhere else. It is a great spot to sit down and put on shoes. It also opens which is great for putting things that don't fit and need donating.

Above the pegboard hangs a picture I had made for him for his birthday a few years ago.

It's nice having a window inside but it created a bit of dead space. A laundry sorter from Target was the perfect fit. Add some labels and hubs no longer had an excuse to throw his clothes on the floor. :)

Especially since there is a hinged lid on top. This is a perfect place to iron or to lay out clothes for the next day.

We added some hooks we already had to hold a bag to take his dry cleaning and hangers to return there as well.

I even added a little trash can for tags from new clothes, emptying pockets, etc.

We kept the wooden shelves because they are the perfect place for folded clothes and shoes. Tip: Color coding clothes helps when trying to decide what to wear.

Up top are jeans and shorts.

And this little dish I found at Walmart and added a little vinyl to.

For all those manly little odds and ends.

I found a bunch of these large canvas bins at Target on clearance a while back and new they would work well above the shelves. These two hold sport and dress socks.

Time to move to the other side.

Remember how originally there was only 1 rod?

We decided to raise it along with the shelf above and add a partial rod on the bottom. This utilized the entire wall and gave more hanging room.

The remaining bins were a perfect fit up top and became the perfect spot for Ryan's basketball stuff, more hats, swim trunks, and ski gear.

Remember how I mentioned color-coding before. It really does make a closet easier to navigate and just looks much more uniform. Another tip: Use the same color hangers throughout. (Some of his hangers are from the dry cleaners but they are all the same color so they look similar.)

Last but not least is a row of hooks we installed just inside the door. It is an easy spot to hang a robe and hoodies. Easy=good.

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  1. Looks great! My DH and I have separate closets too and it's a wonderful life perk. My DH looks like a clotheshorse compared to yours though:).


  2. I have adjusted a custom closet in my small bedroom and it always bother me that the side space is useless and how to make use of it. You blog has helped me a lot. I am really going to use it.



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