Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Achieving} A Summer Schedule

As I've been mentioning the last two weeks, summer is so close my kids can taste it. And although I have visions of lazy summer days, that isn't reality--at least with two young kids. I don't know about you, but we seem to work so much better on a schedule. I say "we" because not only the kids--but hubby and I as well.

So, I decided to create a weekly schedule to help our summer 
flow a little more smoothly.

When you first look at it, it may seem a little hectic but not after it's broken down. I have found with kids it is important to have a bit of a plan because they really do much better with structure. Does this mean we'll follow this schedule every day tooth and nail? Absolutely not. I don't believe in being so structured that we miss the opportunity to have spontaneous fun from time to time. 

This is just a guide to help us through--essentially when the fun of being home from school ends and "I'm bored" begins.

Let me explain my categories a bit. Mondays and Wednesdays are our days where we are mainly home so that is where you see it broken down the most. Tuesday and Thursday mornings they will be going to summer days at their preschool. And Fridays are designated as field trip days. (You can see those and get your own printable here.) Weekends are left pretty open as they are typically family days
and change more often.

My kids are early risers so I figured I'd give us all some time to fully wake up (at our own pace) and get ready for the day. Why rush if we don't have to? It is summer after all. :)

9:00-10:00 Time to Learn

This is a time where I am going to work with both my kids independently on skills they are trying to master. (For example: My going to be kindergartner will be working on skills such as identifying sight words, writing sentences, and decoding words and other reading strategies, and early math concepts. My three year old will be working on letter and sound identification, rhyming and other pre-reading skills as well as number identification and counting objects.) Each child will get a half an hour of my undivided attention while the other is working on puzzles and other independent activities. If you are wondering, I am not homeschooling. However, I used to teach and want to make sure my kids stay on top of their learning over the long break.

10:00-10:30  Move your Body

This will mainly be activities outside. However we can take it inside on the occasional rainy day. Just as long as we are being active.

Here is a sheet I created and plan to display to give the kids some ideas as to what they can do during this time. Feel free to download your own here.

10:30-11:00  Earn It, Learn It!

This is actually the title of a book (by Alisa Weinstein) that I have been reading and am going to try and implement a little bit. More on that next week! 

11:00-3:45 Includes lunch, swim lessons, quiet time/nap, and more "move your body" activities

3:45-4:30 Helping Hands

This is a time devoted to helping around the house. I am currently working on chore charts and implementing an allowance system (which includes the book I mentioned above Earn It, Learn It!). Aside from their normal daily responsibilities (making bed, getting dressed, etc.), I have come up with several age appropriate chores that they can choose from to help out during this time. 

Here is the sheet of ideas I created for them (and me) to pick and choose how they'd like to help.  Download your own here. (**Note, my 5 year old likes to walk to the dog around our fenced in back yard. So, I thought I'd add it to the list. :) 

4:30-5:00 DIY (Do It Yourself) Time

This is typically the time of day that I am beginning to prepare dinner. This is also the time when my kids typically drive me crazy. It's true. They are starting to wear down and are getting hungry...and fussy.....and.....

So I decided to create a time that is just theirs.

I made a sheet full of activities they can handle on their own (thanks to the new bubble station :). No more saying "I'm bored" because there are plenty of ideas right in front of them! Download yours here

5:00-7:45 Includes dinner, family activities (games, walk, etc.), bath, story and bed.

So there you have it! Whew, sounds like a busy day. But it beats me trying to come up with things on the fly all the time. And as I mentioned before, the kids really do so much better when they know what is coming next.

And guess what? I made a blank schedule for you to download and fill with your own  activities if you are so inclined. Feel free to grab your copy here.

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  1. Great job with your schedule Susan! I especially like how you set it up with days you're home and days you're out. Thanks for sharing your cute printables!

    1. Thanks friend! Trying to keep a handle on those long summer days! :)

  2. Hi, there, I found you through Pinterest and this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for the ideas under each category. Sometimes I feel that my mind has gone to mush since having kids, and it is nice to get some ideas to jostle it back up :)Have a great summer!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I was hoping putting projects into categories would do exactly that! And I can relate to the mush brain---especially since having my kids. :) Have a great summer as well!



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