Thursday, May 9, 2013

Secretary Desk Turned Office Part 1 :Tweaking the Outside

If you ever taken a glance at my home tour, you may recognize this picture from out front room. This little desk was where I was paying the bills. And while it served its purpose, it really wasn't enough in terms of storage. 

As you can see the piece to the right was sort of holding all of our files and other materials. This was thought of as a temporary solution until I found something more suitable.

So, I started looking for something that would hold more but could also hide it as well. I came across this secretary desk/hutch from Home Decorators and thought this would do the trick! And seeing that the price was considerably less than most I had seen, I decided to jump on it! 

But you know me....can't really leave well enough alone. It was time to make a few modifications. :) {Enter my evil laugh.}

First being the knobs. And because I am on a budget, I decided (for now anyway) that  most of them would just get a couple coats of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.

But when I found these cute things from Target, I thought they would be perfect for the file drawers. Because this girl loves anything she can label. {True story.}

Looking a little better already I think. (I haven't added labels to the drawers yet. Soon though--don't you worry. :)

I then snatched up a couple packs of these Martha Stewart labels from Staples and gave them a little spray paint shower as well.

I added little labels made from some washi tape I already had. 

You add a little color and fun!

This way I figured I could change out my labels as my needs changed as well. As of currently my labels consist of:
Notepads, Envelopes, Address Books, Stamps, Stapler, and Computer Cds

Up top are two document boxes I got from The Container Store. I thought about trays, but, again, kind of wanted to hide any extra clutter.

These also got some washi tape labels (which are easier to read in person.) 

One is filled with stationary and note cards,

 while the other has loose paper and larger notepads. Because I can never seem to have enough paper! 

So there you have it! I've got the outside of the baby pretty much finished. Tomorrow I'll show you the fun part (for me anyway). How I organized the inside!

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