Friday, May 10, 2013

Secretary Desk Turned Office Part 2: Organizing the Inside (Yippee!)

Yesterday I shared my new secretary desk I bought from Home Decorators Collection.

I also shared how I "tweaked" it a bit by adding new hardware, labels and 
document boxes. (See more about that here.)

Well let's move on to the inside, shall we?

Although this little baby gives me a lot more room and storage than my old console table/desk, the inside/desk was just a big empty space. Needless to say I needed to "tweak" it a bit as well.

First step: apply these cork squares with included adhesive squares (Walmart).

I then added back my bill sorter that I got from Target years ago. (Here's something similar.) Love this thing and it has really helped stay on top of the bills. Just sayin'. (Notice that it got a label as well. I tell you, nothing is safe around here. :)

Not only does it organize my bills that are needing paid, but it also organizes desk supplies. 

Found this little weekly notepad from the $ spot at Target. I just tacked it up so that I could tear a sheet off as I need it.

On the other side is my old laptop (I use it to pay bills online) and a calendar. The funky little container was a Mother's Day gift from my girls a couple of years ago. It has become the perfect little spot for stamps and address labels.

So there she be. My own little bill paying station--almost complete!

And just because I love a good before and after here's a side by side picture to see the difference.

Stay tuned for the final step: organizing my 

file drawers and lower cabinet!

(Am I the only one who would end that sentence with an exclamation point? :)

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  1. Where @ Walmart did you find those adhesive cork squares? In the office section or in the craft section or somewhere else?

    1. Hi Cindy!

      I got them in the office section near the binders and such!


  2. Great job Susan! And no, you're not the only one who ends an organizing sentence with an exclamation mark :)

    1. Thanks Hilda! I know you can relate! :)


  3. Wow! You packed a lot of organization into this piece. Love it!
    I'd love it if you would share this at "What We Accomplished Wednesday," at Green Willow Pond. It is live Tuesdays at about 6:00 EST. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Deborah! I will try and stop by!


  4. Great job with use of space!



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