Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"What about those Secondary Teachers?" {Middle and High School Teacher GIft Ideas}

So, I mentioned yesterday that this week is Teacher Appreciation week and showed you a bunch of fun gift ideas. However, as a reader kindly asked me, "What about those middle and high school teachers?"

She was right. There are lots of ideas for primary teachers--having to do with crayons and what not. And while many of the gifts mentioned yesterday could easily be adapted for secondary teachers, the fact is when your child is in middle or high school, they have MANY teachers. Many teachers to buy gifts for can really add up.

So, I gathered a few more ideas. But this time without the cutesy crayons and even a bit more budget conscious. These gifts you could easily buy/make in bulk without breaking the bank!

How about a cute but inexpensive pair of flip flops? As the site mentions, if you want to go way out and spend more dough, you could even include a pedicure gift certificate. Kind of fun eh? This is from Macy Robison Photography (although I couldn't get the link to work. :( You may have better luck.)

Or a bottle of their favorite soda. This was actually listed as a back to school gift but it could totally be used for later in the year as well. You could buy a six-twelve pack and cover all the teachers at once. There's a free printable too! From Diary of Dave's Wife.

What teacher doesn't like nice markers and candy? This one is from How Do It.

Or an easy personalized notepad and colorful markers? From How Does She?.

Any teacher could appreciate hand soap or sanitizer. Design Mom provides a template to print out and a tutorial.

Last but not least and possibly the least expensive: some water with a favorite flavored drink mix. Don't forget the cute lil' note! From Camp Clem.

So there you go! Hopefully you can find something that strikes your fancy. You don't have to spend a fortune to let these wonderful people know that you care and appreciate them. After all, it is the thought that counts. If anyone gets that....your kids' teacher does. :)

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  1. These are all adorable gifts but I have a question--do people actually give gifts to high school teachers? I know I did not when growing up--in fact, even if my parents would've wanted me to, I would not have wanted to, simply because it would have labelled me a keener (haha, I'm dating myself). So, is this a cultural thing? (I'm Canadian). These are super cute ideas, though, and could be adapted to a variety of situations--thanks for the suggestions!


  2. I didn't give gifts either, all through school years. And I've never given gifts to any of my son's teachers either. Shame on me?

  3. We did sweets...cupcakes or cookies for high school teachers. My daughter is a college freshman this year...she never had a problem giving something to her high school teachers. And they LOVED getting something...I think they are often left out.

    1. I agree Kelly. Good idea!




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