Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Achieving} A Kid's Cleaning Caddy

As I mentioned last week, we started our summer schedule with the kids being home on summer vacation. One part of that schedule each day is what we call "helping hands". This is where the kids help me with household chores such as the ones below. (If you'd like to read more about it and download your own copy, you can here.)

But, I figured if I was expecting the kids to help a little more with the cleaning, I should probably give them some of their own cleaning supplies 
and a place to store them.

I actually found everything I needed at the Dollar Tree. {Yippee!}

  1. A small broom and dust pan.
  2. A fold-up duster brush.
  3. A microfiber rag.
  4. A spray bottle.

I found a very safe and effective glass cleaner online that is supposed to work wonders and will give me peace of mind in the hands of my little rug-rats angels. 

50% Hydrogen Peroxide (Found near the pharmacy at Walmart) and
50% Distilled Water (With the drinking water and sometimes baby aisle(s) at Walmart.

(*Note, it was mentioned that it needed to be distilled water or it would spot the glass.)

I put all the cleaning supplies into a little caddy (also found at Dollar Tree) and there she be. Cute lil thing isn't it?

I stuck it on the side of my pantry where I keep my brooms and mop and the kids can grab it when they need it. 

Love anything that helps my kids to be more independent, 
and my kids love feeling more grown-up. :)

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