Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Front Porch Games {Tic Tac Toe}

Continuing to finish our front porch. Yesterday, I showed you our outdoor checkers and how/where we store them.

Today I thought I'd share our:

You've got it! We are a family that loves to play games so why not include some on our front porch?

The inspiration came from this shabby chic little table I found at an antique store in our town. I knew it would be the perfect size and look.

I didn't do a thing to the paint but I knew it needed a little somethin' somethin'. :)

So I cut some vinyl (that I already had) strips and stuck them on in the shape of guessed it....Tic Tac Toe board! (Very easy---very removable.)

But now I needed some x's and o's.

So I gathered some rocks and paint (both of which I had on hand.) I did try and pick some that were dark and others that were light to help distinguish them a bit.

And then I painted them so that there was definitely no confusion.

And when they're not being used, the little drawer is the perfect spot to hold them. 

Added a little chalkboard (again, already had) and we have the perfect place to keep score. Guess who won the first game???

My five year old of course! {Wink}

So, before I wrap up this front porch project 
and show the final reveal,
 I have to ask:

What are some things that come to mind when you think of a cozy, welcoming front porch? Anything you think I should add?

(I'd love your thoughts.)

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  1. I got inspired by your post yesterday and did my own checkers bucket and added a smaller bucket filled with jacks!

    1. Ooh I like that idea Rebecca! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is adorable! It makes me want a front porch to decorate!!

    - Pam
    Stolen Moments

    1. Thanks Pam! I have to say I love having a front porch. But you could also do something similar on a back patio as well. I love when ideas can be taken and adapted to fit your own needs. :)



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