Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blogging Goals for Year 2

If you've been tuning in at all, you are probably aware that earlier this week was my 1 year anniversary from when I started this blog of mine. So, I decided to devote this week to celebrating and reflecting on just that. Monday was my first video to personally thank anyone who takes time out of their day to read what I have say followed my my first year's top ten posts. Yesterday, I shared 5 insights I've had since starting this journey.

Today I am focusing on what I'm hoping to "achieve" this next year and beyond.

1. Be more "real" or "raw".

Just as I mentioned yesterday, putting myself out there isn't the easiest thing for me to do. But I know that in order to overcome this, I have to push through my biggest challenges. To do this, I hope to create more video posts as well as start an occasional "diary-like" entry to discuss some challenges that I struggle with in my life (and hopefully realize there are many of you who struggle with similar issues.) Stay tuned. :)

2. Feature "you".

As much as I enjoy sharing the projects that I tackle around here and the occasional client, I know that true inspiration comes from all over. I am inspired by my friends,  readers and other bloggers every day, and I want to showcase that as much as I can. I also know that we don't all live in a two story home (+ basement) in the middle of suburbia Colorado. I want to help inspire people in all types of homes--whether it be a rental, tight on space, or more space than they know what to do with (yes, that can happen too). I am wanting to add a "Be Featured" page to hopefully inspire people to share projects they are proud of--no matter how big or small. It feels good to accomplish things and we should be proud and shout it from the rooftops--or cyberspace. :)

3. Reach out to others.

Since starting the blog last July, I have really had to work on finding a balance that works for me. For most of this year, I have been lucky just to get my posts published. I am hoping this year to find more time to connect with other bloggers and organizers. I'd even like to reach out to other businesses that would like to partner up for promotional purposes.

4. Re-start up my Etsy shop.

I started an Etsy shop when I first started blogging but really never did anything with it. I am now working towards putting many of my most popular printables in my shop and make them available for a small price. (More on that soon!)

5. Do some housekeeping.

As I mentioned above, this year has been pretty hectic with simply trying to post somewhat regularly while raising my kiddos. I am hoping to spend some time (sooner than later) making some adjustments to the blog. Because that takes time too. Be looking for some changes to start taking place (such as editing my "About Me" page, cleaning up my sidebar, adding some more categories in my "Projects" page, adding some more ways to connect with me, show my services, the list goes on.)

6. Analyze less, do more.

I have always been an "over-thinker". Often in my life, I find me talking myself out of things for no real reason other than my analyzing turns to worry...and well, you know. I do know that I don't want to look back on my life and wonder "What if." So,  this next year of blogging is going to be my "Just Do It" year. I am going to stop thinking so much and just push forward. Who's with me??

So there are my goals as I enter into my second year of blogging. I'm sure there's more, but as of right now, these are what I'm focusing on. Thanks again for tuning in. Here's to another great year!

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  1. I know what you are saying. Your goals are awesome! Love your blog! Put me on the list of bloggers to get to know better. lol :)

    1. Thanks Mary! And yes, you're on my list! :)



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