Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inexpensive Junk Drawer (Mini) Makeover

The other day I shared with you a "junk drawer" that I helped organize for a friend. Today I wanted to share mine. 

So this is my before picture. Many of you are probably saying this isn't too bad. And honestly, I'd agree with you. I organized it a couple of years ago and although it was generally orderly, things had started to creep in that didn't belong.

So I did what I always do and cleared everything out first. (I lined it with wrapping paper when I originally organized it.) So much easier to start with a clean slate.

I then sorted what I had into like categories and removed what didn't belong.

Here came the assessment. I already had a few containers that were in there before and were still working fine. But I needed a few more and didn't want to spend any money. So I started looking around the house and came across a few cardboard snack boxes. Perfect size.

 I rearranged the containers for a bit until I came up with a formation I liked.

I left the space in the center open because I needed a spot for my candle lighter. 

And because I can't leave well enough alone, I spray painted my cardboard boxes with a little black spray paint I had on hand.

And don't forget some labels. :)

Wa-la! Here she is all put back together. And just because when I asked my husband if he noticed a difference and he said, "What?", let's show the before and after together.

Not a huge transformation I know. Sometimes minor adjustments are all that's necessary. And that is just fine by me. :)

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