Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teaching on the Go

Today I thought I'd share yet another (of many) hat I wear around here. Seeing that I used to teach 1st and 2nd grade in my former life (before kids), I don't know that I'll ever be totally done teaching. As I've mentioned earlier this summer when planning our summer schedule, I try and set aside time throughout the week to work with my kids on skills they are learning in school. But I also tutor a bit as well. And since I typically meet them at the library or school, I needed a way to transport all of my materials in an easy and organized way.

So here she be! I have seen these types of crates on wheels in various places. However I did a little research and decided on this one off of Amazon. I liked it for a few different reasons. 

First and foremost, it is on wheels and has an adjustable handle to make transporting easy. But probably my favorite feature is the apron that fits around it with its exorbitant amount of pockets. 

Oh and did I mention it had a cover? This is perfect for keeping everything secure when in the back of the car and for helping little hands resist the urge to dig around and want to play with everything inside. Moms, you know what I mean. 

So let me show you a little more of what I keep in the pockets.

The front is a large but narrow pouch that could be used for papers or files I assume. It also has a few smaller pockets inside that could be used for computer accessories, pens, and other smaller supplies. Because I use this when working with kids,  I keep stickers, incentive charts, flashcards, reading pointers (more on that on another post), and other small manipulatives that I may need to reach for quickly.

On one of the sides there were two larger pockets that I decided would fit pencil boxes oh so perfectly. I have a blue one with boy supplies and pink for girls. This kind of thing is very important you know. :) Seriously, there is something so motivating for a kids to be able to choose their own pencil from characters or colors that interest them.

Here's sneak peak at what's inside the girls' box. 
  1. Pencils of various colors (regular, mechanical, skinny, and wide)
  2. Large Eraser
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue Stick
  5. Dry Erase Marker and Eraser
  6. Crayons (Shimmery Mermaid Crayons to be exact)
This way all of their supplies can be set out on the table for them to choose from when needed.

The other side consists of a bunch of other various-sized pockets.

Just makes it easy to keep everything I may need on hand and easily accessible. 
LOVE that.

So here is inside. The middle is nice and large to fit workbooks, resource books, binders, white boards....you name it. And although you can't see from this pic, there are other pockets inside as well. 

For example, this one in the back is like an accordion file that pulls out to organize papers or files. So cool. The other pockets are a bit smaller but I use them for learning games such as bingo and card games.

Beyond the crate, I have a few other organizing tricks that really work for me. One being this plastic box with dividers. I found this years ago at Walmart I think. It can be used for all sorts of things but I think I found it in the craft department.

And it works perfectly for storing magnetic letters. The kids think it's fun to try and put the letters away too. Win-win. :)

Last but not least is the tried and true binder.

Each kiddo gets a plastic folder with a tab. Here I keep things that are specific to them like books, sight word cards and incentive charts.

Beyond the folder is "their section" that houses everything from known words/letters,  to testing data, to fine motor activities, and lesson plans.

And that's how I keep it all together. It seriously is like having a mini classroom on wheels and makes working with kiddos easier because everything is right at my fingertips.

Go here, as I show you how I organize my lessons, along with some of my favorite materials and a sample lesson plan!

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