Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tutoring Lesson Plan and Activities

The other day I posted about how I tutor a bit. I also showed you how I get organized to do so. Today I thought I'd share with you some of the types of activities I do with the kiddos I work with.

Including showing you a sample lesson plan. I tutor mainly in reading and writing but we also do some occasional math as well. This lesson plan is one that I slightly adapted after taking a year long course, SuPR (Success in Primary Reading) through my district as a teacher. I really like this one because so much of it allows the child to gauge your teaching. That way the lesson is really tailored just for them.

Want to see what some of these activities look like? 

I mentioned that I work with my own kiddos as well so they were ever so excited to let me snap a few pics of them. :)

One thing that I would highly recommend is a timer. It just keeps you on track. 30 minutes is usually the magic number for our lessons but I like to keep the activities moving throughout (little ones' attention spans are a bit short) and the timer helps me keep track of how much time is spent on each.

I found these Finger Beams online and ordered a few.

They are perfect for helping kids focus/point to the words. 
Plus they're just kinda fun. :)

We often work on sight words and this is one way we practice. They first read the word, build it with letters, and then write it. I laminated the page so we can use it again and again.

One resource that I have had for years but still love, is the Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use. It breaks up quick lessons to help kids build words. The title sounds a bit intimidating but it really is so easy to use. It pretty much spells out each lesson for you.

For this I use a stove burner cover magnetic surface and magnetic letters.

And the kids do the work stretching out sounds and building words.

Another "tool" I use are these large dice with pockets. (I've posted about them before here.)

We use them for a variety of activities including building words (beginning sounds are in one and word endings are in the other). It just helps to break up the time and get the kids moving a bit.

I do similar activities for younger kiddos. They are just adapted a bit. Here T is working on manipulating letters to spell her name. (Notice I used all capital letters with her because we haven't started lowercase yet.)

Now it's time to write what she built.

Don't you just love her "E"?

Another fun activity is making letters with Wiki Sticks. I found these a couple of years ago at Lakeshore Learning. They are great not only for learning letters but for fine motor skills as well. They have to bend and stretch the wiki sticks to go where they need them to. The kids love this one.

We do a little pencil to paper as well and work on a variety of skills. I love these little workbooks (you can even find them at Target) just to cover all sorts of bases. They are typically full of lots of different skills.

Last but not least is a little sticker chart to praise them for a job well done. Once it is full they will get a little something special. Just helps to end the session on a good note.

So there you have it. Although those are just some of the types of things we do. (I change up activities quite a bit), these are a few that I tend to come back to. Working with kids can be very rewarding but it helps to be organized about it and have a plan as well. I know I feel more productive when I do.

And just because I love you all so much, I made a little printable for you to download if you'd like. Just print and laminate and it can be used over and over.

Download here. Enjoy!

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! My little one is almost 2, so we aren't quite to this stage yet, but I am pinning this for later.

    1. Thanks Kristin! Glad to be of some help!




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