Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Pt. 2: Homework Station

The other day I mentioned how we are in back to school mode around the abode--including our latest back to school mantle

I also mentioned how my oldest will be starting (full day) kindergarten. And with that, will come a bit of homework each night (which as of right now she is excited about:) .

SO, I thought we better get our materials organized and create a sort of homework station so that everything we may need would be in one place.

The first thing I thought about was "where" we would probably sit when working on homework. I instantly came up with the dining room for a few reasons. 

1. It is right off of the kitchen so she can work independently (at times) while I  cook dinner. 
2. There are lots of windows and light in that room. 

3. There is a large table to work on and some storage to boot.

So I got to work converting our dining room buffet into a homework cabinet.

(The buffet was originally full of placemats, napkins, and other seasonal/occasional dinner items that were moved to a cabinet above the fridge and our diy storage bench under our kitchen table.)

Here is what the cabinets looked like once I took everything out and gave them a quick cleaning.

And here is one of them now.

I put in some trays I had on hand at the bottom of the cabinet. Then I labeled them  so that each of my girls got a tray and another for paper.

The top became a place for leveled readers organized in a letter sorter and basket.

Here is the other side.

Here I put in magazine boxes (I already had) and labeled them so that I could put learning resources in them as needed.

The top holds the kids Leap Frog Learning games and devices.

The inside of the cabinet doors originally looked like this.

I added some adhesive cork squares and now have a place to hang reminders, sight words, incentive charts, etc.

The little shallow drawer up top

now holds a small office supply organizer for things my husband or I may need when helping the kids.

And the bottom drawer now holds a pencil box for each girl full of supplies they may need.

Last but not least is the "homework board" I created. Prop it up on the table as my kids are working and it is almost like an instant classroom. :)

To do this I just used a large foam/project board (found at Hobby Lobby)...

And lots of learning resources I used as a teacher 
(many of which can be found online).

Now we're that much closer to being ready for the new school year to begin!

Stay tuned for a few more stations/systems we are working towards putting into place around here. New school year here we come!

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  1. Can I fly you out to my house for a week to help us get ready? :) This is awesome. I'd love for you to share some of your back to school posts at my Season’s Best {Back-to-School} Link-Up this month. Best wishes for a great start to the school year! Thanks!

    1. My bags are packed! :) Thanks for that Holli and best wishes to you guys as well! I will stop by later today!


  2. How did you create that homework board? I would love to make one for my girls.

  3. Love your idea! My kids are much older. My youngest is entering his 6th grade year. My daughter is starting her first year in High School! Tomorrow is her all day orientation. I'm so excited and thrilled at this new stage in her life. New School, new friends, new teachers, new administrators. For my son, everything is familiar since he has been at the same school since Kindergarten. We already know most of the teachers. I know most of the kids by names. I always say that on graduation day. I would be proud of all of them. They are all like my children.

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