Friday, August 16, 2013

Celebrating the Little Things--Week 4

Another week has come and gone which means it's time to....

That's right! Because the little things are often the big things. (Profound I know.)

Today's little thing:


Why? Because there really are so many uses for them. Aside from what they were originally created for (see photo above), I use them throughout my house in so many ways.

Our family command center also uses them

as well as our summer fun bucket list!

I even like to store a bunch in my pantry

as chip clips and such.

But recently I found yet a new use and thought I'd share. And with it being back to school week (or close to) for so many of us, I figured my kids' art wall was oh so appropriate.

Originally I used these frames as cork boards to pin up their work as it came home. (See the original post here.) The problem with that is this area is right off of the garage and whenever that door opens, a giant breeze sweeps through--often pulling the art work (and pins) off and onto the floor. Annoying and dangerous.

Enter clothespins (and some hot glue--which deserves its own post as well). Oh and some washi tape!

 This way I no longer have to poke holes into my kiddos' masterpieces or worry about them flying away. :)

Just in time for the first (of many) memories brought home from the new school year. 

Gotta love me some clothespins.

Please feel free to share a little something that has truly made life easier for YOU in some way. It could me an actual item, something you made, quick tip--you name it! (You can leave it in a comment or email me.) I would love to feature them in upcoming weeks! 

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  1. I love clothespins too - have used them as chip clips, just like you, and various other things. Good invention.

    1. Hey thanks Cindy! Anything to make life a little easier....:) Thanks so much for stopping by!



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