Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making School Lunch a Breeze

Now that school is back in full swing for us, so is preparing my kiddo's lunches. I'm going to try and get my oldest to try school lunch every now and again, but for now I am preparing it 5 times a week and 3 times for my youngest.

Just like with most jobs, getting organized has made this SOOOOOO much easier.

And that's why this post is all about:

I typically go grocery shopping on Sundays. For one reason, I like to go without my kids (it's just easier) and my hubby can watch them on the weekends. Another reason is that I like to start the week out with a full fridge and pantry.

When thinking about lunches for the week, I have found that as much as I can prepare ahead of time, the better. 

1st staple: PB & Js.

I will often buy an extra loaf of bread and use it to make about 10 sandwiches. This is really pretty quick since you already have all the supplies out and ready. (This will probably last us about two weeks between both girls.)

(My girls like their sandwiches in cute lil' shapes. It's the little things.)

I then bag each sandwich in its own bag. (I know this isn't the greenest option but I do try and use the bags more than once.)

All of the individual bags get put into a large freezer bag and sealed. And then I just pop them in the freezer. It is so nice to be able to grab a sandwich when needed. And because it was frozen it thaws throughout the morning and its ready to eat by lunch.

Next thing I do is wash and cut up all of our fruits and veggies. I have found by doing this, it is so much more likely to get eaten and not thrown out.

I like to use the snack sized bags for these as they are the perfect size and portion for my kiddos.

Anything extra goes into a big bowl for a fruit salad for breakfast 
throughout the week. Yum!

I count out how many bags I will need for lunches and put them in a handled basket that I keep in the fridge. (This one came from Walmart.) I like to do this so that I can grab it easily and set it out on the counter where I'm putting their lunches together. (And close to our "lunch prep" drawer.)

The others go into a drawer in our fridge that is easy for my kids to reach and grab a snack after school and such.

As well as fruits and veggies, I like to package up meet and chips as well. The meat goes in the fridge and the chips in the pantry.

This entire process takes me a little over an hour. Although it is a bit of time up front, it is so worth it the rest of the week. I really can't express that enough. I no longer mind getting lunches ready and I know my kids are getting a healthy variety.

Enough said. :)

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  1. Wow! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Heather! And thanks so much for reading along!

  2. Brilliant idea ! I hate making sandwiches in the morning . problem solved !



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