Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Morning and Evening Routine (& Printables)

The other day I posted about our Sunday routine and how we get ready for the new week ahead. Today I wanted to focus more on our day to day routine(s)--as well as share some new printables I created to help the kiddos with their responsibilities.

So here is a typical morning in the Waterman household:

6:30 Wake up, shower, get dressed and ready.
    (Kids also wake, go potty, and get dressed.)
7:00 Make bed, feed dogs, and throw a load of laundry in washer.
7:15 Breakfast, make lunch(es), and empty dishwasher.
    (Kids eat breakfast and clear their dishes.)
7:45 Brush kids' teeth and hair. Kids also make their beds.
8:00 Double check backpacks, get shoes on.
8:15 Off to school.

This routine seems to work well for us and gives us just the time we need to get out the door each day without feeling rushed. I have to say that doing a few things such as throwing a load of laundry in the washer, emptying dishwasher, and making our beds really helps get the morning off on the right track and gives a sense of accomplishment right off the bat--which really is motivating.

Take a look at a typical evening at our house as well:

3:45 Home from school. Check backpacks and remove any paperwork and lunch box.
     Change over clothes from washer to dryer.
4:00 Feed dogs and kids have snack.
4:30 Any homework (although we haven't had any yet) while Mom prepares dinner.
5:30 Dinner--kids help clear dishes. CLean up kitchen and load (and run) dishwasher.
6:15 Play a game or do something as a family.
    Do a quick pick up around house with kids.
6:45 Bath time (every other night). Get in jammies, go potty and brush teeth. 
     Kids also help pick out clothes for tomorrow.
7:15  Kids watch a quick show and unwind. Fold laundry and put away.
7:40 Read a story.
8:00 Lights out/Bedtime.

And there you have it. By cleaning up, folding/putting away laundry, picking up the house and loading/running the dishwasher, we can start the next day with a fresh start. Does this mean that we always get all of this done? Nope. However, it does more often than not as it is pretty much a habit now. And I can honestly say it really starts my morning off on such a better note when I wake to an orderly house. Just brings a sense of calm. And can't we all use a little more of that?

Wait....there's more!!!

To make it a little easier for mom the kiddos, I created some job cards to remind them of all they need to do each morning and evening. (You may remember the clipboards of jobs I made for the kids this Summer. While I still love that idea, it is a little too much for my young kids to handle regularly. A couple more years and we'll probably use more of that method.)

I also created them so that one side of the page is a morning job and the other side is an evening job.

That way, you just fold them in the middle

so that the morning job is on one side

while the evening job is on the other.

I laminated them,

punched some holes,

and found the perfect wall to hang them.

This wall is in our hallway upstairs in between the kiddos' rooms and bathroom. Perfect place to see what still needs to be done.

To hang them I arranged the cards on the floor with the approximate spacing that would work.

And then hung them with twine and removable Command Hooks.

And seeing that they're laminated, I decided to hang a dry erase marking on each side of the cards.

The girls then mark the circle with a smiley face when they complete each job.

And when the morning jobs are complete, we just turn them over to reveal their evening jobs.

Don't you just love the eye lashes?

If you would care to purchase your own Morning and Evening (Kids') Responsibility Cards, please go here and here to my Etsy shop and buy them for a small fee.

Thanks so much. 

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