Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reader Space: Organized and Re-Organized Pantry

Happy Monday!! So, we've been busy getting ready for school to start {gulp} Tuesday for my big Kindergartner. Last week I shared our back to school mantle and homework station and kids' alarm clock. And although I'm not quite done getting prepared for our new school year, I thought I'd take a quick break to share something a reader had requested some help on.

A while back Mary contacted me for some advice on how to organize her pantry. Here's what she had to say:

"As you can see I have this fabulous pantry as well that I am not using utilizing to its fullest.  It was organized at one point but it is now out of control!  I am finding the task of organizing it daunting and impossible to do a little at a time.  I have tried organizing an area at a time, however, because I do not have a system in place it just usually ends back to where I started. 
 Any advice would be much appreciated." 

As you can see, she had this huge wonderful space but it had become somewhat cluttered and she was feeling overwhelmed as to where to start.

So I helped give her some important first steps as well as some 
encouragement to get started. 

(After all....getting started is half the battle.)

Take a look at the after. But don't just take my word for it. 
Here is what she had to say about what she did:

"I had several of the clear containers so I thought I would continue with that theme.  I made a simple label on cardstock and used doublesided tape to adhere the labels to the containers. 

 I have all the food on the left side of the shelves and the right side shelves are for lunch box organization, and items that we use everyday.  I have a shelf for the girls with a container for their hats and gloves....warm weather is coming so I will change that up to summer items.  A shelf each for me and my husband for odds and ends.  I kept items like juice boxes, cereals and snacks on the lower shelves so that my girls can reach them.  As well as an area for putting together lunches.
     Because we will be moving in July, I didn't want to get too fancy, so I kept it basic.   It is such a relief to go into that room now and see it so organized :) 
My girls are excited now to be able to help put things away or easily find something I might ask them to get for me."

Well, July has come and gone and...yes....Mary moved. 

Want to hear the greatest part? 
She contacted me again to share how easy it was to organize her new pantry!! 

"You helped me out a few months back with organizing my pantry.  Wanted to update you....we have since moved, and as you can see my pantry is much smaller; but with the system I created with the containers, it all works. At the old house, it took me about 10 mins to put the covers back on all the containers, and pack them in boxes.  When I got to the new house, all I did was take them out of the box and put them on the shelves.  I did move them several times in an attempt to find the best fit for the family as far as easy access for the kids and hubby.   I was so relieved that at least one area in the house is organized and ready to go.  The shelves are so far apart, I decided to leave the covers on all the containers in order to utilize the space better.  It is a bit of a pain to remove each box to get into, but it is the best system I could think of at this point.  I am open to any suggestions.  In addition, we are only in this rental for a year, so when I have to pack up again, they will all be ready to be put in the packing box!

So proud to have created this system.  Moving is chaotic so having our everyday food and snacks, etc. organized makes me happy!  :)   Thanks for letting me share!"

Is this not so cool??? 
I love hearing that because she got organized it helped make her move so much simpler as well as setting up her new pantry. I'm telling's music to my ears. Thank you so much Mary for sharing your success story with us! 

If anyone else has a project they'd like to share, please email me some pictures (preferably before and after) and a small description of what you did. It is amazing at how much we inspire each other and I would love to feature your successes to to do just that! If you have a blog, (although it isn't a necessity) let me know, and I will link back to you.

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