Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Routine

Hi all. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Sorry I didn't post much last week. We are finally getting into the swing of things with both kiddos getting back into school. 

Today I thought I'd share our Sunday-Beginning of the Week Routine in order to get ready for the new week ahead.

I mentioned last week how I like to grocery shop on Sundays. Before I go, however, I go through the fridge and empty out anything that needs to go. I also try and plan our week's meals. (More on this in another post.) Once I go to the store, I like to clean and chop all of the fruits and veggies that I can and get portions ready for the kids' lunches and snacks. (See full post about how I prepare lunches here.)

I also save this day for washing and changing sheets and towels. Just like to start the week with clean beds.

I have mentioned in a past post that we have what we call "clutter baskets" around the house. These collect things throughout the week that need to go upstairs or to the basement, etc. Sunday is the day we take our baskets and empty what's inside to its appropriate spot. Again starting the week with things put away always helps me feel a little more on top of things.

Last but not least is to check our family calendar. I make sure we are all aware of what's on our calendar for the week and that there are no conflicts. This helps everyone in the family to all be on the same page. No surprises = good.

Now we're ready for our week ahead. Hope you are too!

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  1. I like the idea of Sunday planning, but with trying for it to be the Lord's day of rest, I don't want to work very much either. Keeping up with cooking & dishes is about all I get done, besides rest. And of course church.

    1. I hear you Cindy. And I try not to go overboard either. Sunday is also our family day so we always try and spend some quality time together. My kids call it Sunday Funday (which includes church). I just find for me that I am a lot less of a crazy person come Monday if I can do a little prep over the weekend--whether it be Saturday or Sunday.



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