Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days to Transform the Heart of your Home

I've been telling you all about the latest challenge I am taking on. If you aren't aware, The Nester puts together a writing challenge for bloggers to come up with a topic to write about for the entire month of October. And being that October is a long month, that means 31 consecutive days of posts on one specific topic!

Well, seeing that I took last month off to "tweak" some things around the blog, I also had some time to devote to some areas in my home that have needed some love and "tweaking" of their own. Well, once I got started, I just couldn't stop. (My husband loves that about me {Wink}. ) Does anyone else do this? Come up with a list (whether written or in your head) of things you'd like to change or add to space(s) in your home? And then once you get something on your list completed, it brings up another area that just has to be completed as well? I can't tell you the number of times my hubs will say, "Hey, that wasn't on the list." And my reply is always, "Trust me, it was on MY list. " God love my hubby because even though he questions me some up front, he generally trusts my instinct and passion---and sometimes even gets excited along with me!

Okay, so now to my 31 Day topic:

I showed this the other day but didn't really give any details. "31 Days to Transform (and Organize) the Heart of Your Home (without breaking the bank)" means I will be spending this month breaking down projects (small and large) that we have been working on in the heart of OUR home-- our kitchen and family room. I say the heart of our home because it truly is where we, as a family, spend most of our time together--eating, laughing, watching TV, playing games, dancing, being silly, and just being together. 

Most of these projects have to do with the aesthetics of the space but I have thrown in a few organizing gems as well (cuz let's face it, I love to organize). Now are we changing out appliances and countertops? Not right now. Although that IS on MY list, it isn't quite in the budget. So, these projects are all do it yourself kinds of things-- which also means they are easier on the wallet as well. 

Ready to see the agenda for the month?

Day 1: (Today) Intro 
Day 14: Non-Slip Rugs
Day 27: Painting Chairs

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