Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 13: Stove-Side Storage

Day 13 of my 31 day series here. And although most of the posts have been decor related, I mentioned I would include some organizing posts as well. Today's post is just that. My series is titled: 31 Days to Transform (& Organize) the Heart of Your Home--because to me, an organized home, is a beautiful home.

Today I am showing you how I organize many of my cooking necessities.

I found this box at a thrift store in my town. Very basic but it was old looking and rustic, which I liked. So, I picked it up.

Since it was a little rough at the bottom, I added a little shelf liner 
to the bottom.

Perfect sized box for cooking oils, salt and pepper, and what not. 
Makes it so nice to have everything at an arm's reach.

Added a little vinyl lettering and it is now a permanent 
fixture on our kitchen counters.

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  1. Too cute Susan! Now if only I could learn to use my Cricut, I could make cute vinyl labels too. ;-)

    1. Thanks Jamie! I've never used a Cricut before but I imagine it is similar to the Silhouette. Once you learn it is addicting!



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