Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 14: Adding (Non-Slip) Rugs

Day 14 of my 31 day series, 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. Almost half way through, whew! Well, if you've been following along, you have seen lots of little changes and/or additions we have been making to (so far) our kitchen and (eventually) our family room. (If you'd like to catch up, go here.)

Today's post is one of those little details but one that can make a big impact in just about any space. {Oh, and I'm sharing an inexpensive little secret along with it!}

I found these cute little aqua chevron rugs at Hobby Lobby that just so happened to  match almost perfectly with out paint color
(I always bring a paint chip when shopping--just in case.)

Not only does it match our paint color but it is also a very close match to the fabric I bought and used for our Command Center. LOVE when that happens! :)

These rugs are fairly thin, which makes them easy to wash but they tend to slip pretty easily. I thought about buying some no-slip rug pads but those are kind of spendy, so I opted for some drawer grip/liner from the Dollar Store.

I just cut a sheet of it to fit down the middle of each rug and put it on the floor where the rug would go.

Just place the rug on top, and wa-la!

I brought a little color to the floor (and coziness to my feet)! 

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